Thee Mighty Caesars


Thee Mighty Caesars Punk Rock Showcase LP

On most of the tunes, the CAESARS update (maybe) the early KINKS’ sound, so their “punk rock” goes back to the roots. But they do three covers here, “A.T.V.,” “Neat Neat Neat,” and “Submission,” all done fairly faithfully to the ’77 originals. Weird shit!

Thee Mighty Caesars Little By Little 12″

This must be thee latest by THEE MILKSHAKES. It’s got that trebly guitar, it’s got the names of Childish and Hampshire on the songwriting credits, and it’s got thee overall sound of thee early KINKS in a dank basement. What this EP lacks is inspiration and the only song that came close to grabbing me was the title track—the rest sound like outtakes.

Thee Mighty Caesars Ten Bears of the Comanches / Baby, What’s Wrong 7″

Thee MIGHTY CAESARS sound a lot like the MILKSHAKES on the A-side instrumental and a lot like ’62 UK R’n’B on their cover of JIMMY REED’s classic. Beat/surf/R’n’B stuff with a cool but simple trebly guitar lead. Basic crude and lightly produced rock’n’roll.