Max Hechter

Thee Mighty Caesars Little By Little 12″

This must be thee latest by THEE MILKSHAKES. It’s got that trebly guitar, it’s got the names of Childish and Hampshire on the songwriting credits, and it’s got thee overall sound of thee early KINKS in a dank basement. What this EP lacks is inspiration and the only song that came close to grabbing me was the title track—the rest sound like outtakes.

V/A Stand the Storms Together cassette

A tremendous introduction to the current German underground scene. On this massive, 80-band, 90-track, three-hour compilation double-cassette, you’ll hear everything from ultra-fast thrash to melodic punk to synthesizer ravings with a variety of styles in between. Almost everything by both well-known and obscure bands is worthwhile listening, though there’s no information on which bands were on which side of the cassettes. Otherwise, improve your life and send away for these cassettes.

Die Frohlix Die Frohlix cassette

A very silly, enjoyable, and decidedly low-tech effort from Germany. This is high-energy pop-punk, heavy on the RAMONES riffs, with excellent lead trumpet on many of the cuts that adds to the levity. They even do a rave-up version of the Waltons TV theme-song. Put these guys on vinyl soon!