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April 7, 2010

[Bonus] New Band Spotlight/Video of the Week: Bog People

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Now check out some killer new shit…

Killer bands from Portland shouldn’t really be much or a newsflash these days, as the ratio of productive punks to normal humans seems to be rather skewed up there, but sometimes even when you are ready for it, you get your face melted. PDX’s BOG PEOPLE just scurried their way down (and up) the West Coast with VIVID SEKT, and the SF show was at the Li Po Lounge in Chinatown (great spot, by the way…all the atmosphere of a Midwest basement show but with $4 beers and an unfortunate 21+ entry policy). New band MERDOSO played their first show (folks from PELIGRO SOCIAL and Eye-Man playing a wall of mid-paced D-beat), then DOPECHARGE did what they do, fast and chaotic with extra guitar leads.  VIVID SEKT set the mood, then came the fog machine, and then came 14 minutes of UK82 worship and flanged guitars and chains and studs and awkward off-kilter songs that made me want to pogo my life away in that shitty basement. See the video, and you’ll start the pogo pit right in front of your computer. Seriously…I dare you.  The show in LA was even more epic (or so I have been told), with venue owners calling off the gig, The Ponx (yes, with an ‘O’) grabbing a generator and relocating to a freeway underpass and the show blazing sans PA into the night before the cops came and the kids scattered…too bad there ain’t a video of that.

Editor’s note: Sorry the first video is not the right one (my fault, not Robert’s), but it felt a shame to take it down because it’s reallyawesome too Anyway, here it is, from the Li Po Lounge, green lighting, fog and all… Apologies to Roseman…

roseman (kevin) | MySpace Video

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