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January 27, 2010

New Band Spotlight: Arctic Flowers

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Portland’s ARCTIC FLOWERS may be important to some folks based purely on pedigree. And yes, the skill and experience of guitarist Stan (ex-Signal Lost) and drummer Mike (of a million-and-one great bands, including, currently, Defect Defect) definitely shines through in this band. But the other half of the group, newcomers Lee and Alex, on bass and vocals respectively, land the knockout punch with killer, dark, melodic vocals — just the way I like ’em — and a solid as fuck rhythm section.

Arctic Flowers’ sound is unabashedly UK anarcho, but not in a way that sounds derivative and hackneyed. The songs sound tough as fuck, and don’t delve into cliché, as this genre so often did in its golden age. Isn’t that the best we can ask from a modern age punk  band — take what we know and love, make it your own, and do it well? If we were giving grades, Arctic Flowers would be at the front of the curve.

Arctic Flowers, as seen in the MRR Photo Issue (photo by Paul Curran)

And for your listening pleasure, here’s their 4-song demo!

Arctic Flowers – “Slouching Towards Bethlehem” MP3
Arctic Flowers – “Neon Tombs”
Arctic Flowers – “Blue Heelers”
Arctic Flowers – “Technicolor Haze”

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