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February 16, 2011

New Band Spotlight: Autonomy

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Our friend Ray Suburbia, the bassist of AUTONOMY, was visiting the Bay Area this last week and handed me this CD-R demo. “I just made these shitty first-run demos at Office Max. Want one?” Am I glad that he handed over a stack because this is a great demo and a band to watch out for. These guys are from Carbondale, IL, an overlooked college town surrounded by corn fields at the tip of southern Illinois that has had a vibrant punk scene going on since the ’80s, with bands like DIET CHRIST and the DIY venue/punk house that is still going after all these years, the Lost Cross house. (See Ray’s Carbondale scene report in MRR #322, March 2010.). Along with the many other bands that have kept the scene going, one of the newest is AUTONOMY, which is best described as a dark, anarcho punk, like early JOY DIVISION with the original grit of WARSAW (sans electronics but all the atmosphere) meets a faster PROLETARIAT, with early Wax Trax Records-era vocals. Whew! These tracks are atmospheric and gloomy, but still raw and punk. There is less polish on these five tracks than some of the similar sounding stuff that has been developing as of late and some wonderfully atonal moments, all which lend these songs to a rawness that points to the origins of this band as deeply rooted in punk. If you like current bands like ICEAGE, RANK XEROX or BELLICOSE MINDS, this might be the next thing you will be singing along to. Great demo and a band to watch out for.

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