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May 4, 2010

New Band Spotlight: Blood Thirst Spider

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Alright! We got a demo in recently from an ass-kicking band from Bangkok, Thailand, called BLOOD THIRST SPIDER. Yes, that’s “thirst” not “thirsty”. They’re not exactly new, but if you haven’t been in Thailand in past year or so, you probably haven’t heard of them yet. Robert Collins gives their demo, entitled Rock’n’Roll Destruction, this review in the upcoming issue of MRR magazine:

Fukk Yes!!! Thailand punx deliver old school hardcore with sinister snarled vocals. The buzzsaw bass drives the whole band along, and there are some seriously demented and awesomely out of place guitar leads that make me just shake my head. Clean, almost surf guitars from time to time, and there are a couple of tunes that have a kind of old school R’n’R feel to them, like the good ’80s So Cal bands did sometimes. This is badass — the demo comes with a sticker and a patch, and I suggest you fire off an email to them right away!

The latest news is that they’re recording a full-length (CD-only probably), and if you happen to be in or near Bangkok this month, you can try to catch them “covering a traditional Thai country song BTS style” at the Siam Old School show on May 22nd in Ekkamai.

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