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May 27, 2010

New Band Spotlight: Crazy Spirit

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MRR readers need to know about a great and original new band I’ve been obsessed with — CRAZY SPIRIT. After reading a description on a distro website selling their demo comparing them to the Germs and Cheetah Chrome Motherfuckers, (two of my fave bands,) I was compelled to do some further research.

Punks are a little spoiled these days. It used to be serious work to track down the tiniest bit of info on a on a band that sounded interesting but now it’s only a click away. I’m a jaded old punk and that’s whole nother article but this is a good thing because I found Crazy Spirit’s MySpace page and was instantly blown away by what I heard. Shades of the aforementioned bands with hints of Rudementary Peni and some rhythms that reminded me of the old Texas band, the Motards. Seriously, the vocals are like the rabid weasel from some old Tex Avery cartoon — they have to be heard to be believed. Lots of the best foreign hardcore punk influences as well. They were nice enough to float me a demo with a rough mix of their upcoming 7″ even! Like a drooling junkie wanting more, I was hooked. Their artwork is amazing as well.

Well, I’ll let two of the members quote some info for themselves…

From Walker (vox):
We started practicing as a full band almost exactly a year ago. Our drummer, Henry, and our bass player, Sam, wanted to start a band that had early Discharge and Brazilian influences, then they got Eugene, who is the drummer of Perdition, to play guitar. They started practicing in Eugene’s room with tiny little amps and a wooden spool with plastic buckets attached to it as drums. They recorded an instrumental demo tape and then I started practicing with them, singing random shit into an acorn while we practiced. We added lyrics, then had our first show in September and recorded the demo. On a side note, no one seems to think this, but I’d say my biggest influence on singing is Battalion of Saints. We all grew up together and got into punk together, all local NYC/Brooklyn. Now we practice in Brooklyn at the same spot as Perdition and Dawn of Humans at the house of half of the band Question. Sam and Eugene are also in Dawn of Humans.

From Sam (bass):
yo i just read walkers thing it sounded pretty right. the only thing is henry started on a wood box. not buckets. but whatever…. uh the only thing i wanna add is that we love discharge and brazil 80s hc, and the aesthetic of those bands, BUT we did not start crazy spirit thinking “oh how can we sound like discharge”. i feel like a lot of bands nowadays just choose some other band to sound like, or to relate to. i don’t wanna be part of that.

They have a couple 7″s coming soon and maybe even a vinyl reissue of the demo. Keep on the lookout. Seriously.

Crazy Spirit on MySpace:
And you can download the demo on Robert Collins’ blog, Terminal Escape:

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