New Blood

January 19, 2010

New Band Spotlight: Necro Hippies

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Now check out some killer new shit…

I’m not exactly sure how long this killer New Orleans band has been around, but NECRO HIPPIES caught my attention with their LP that I reviewed in the current MRR (#321), before I remembered that I had also given their demo a great review a month or two earlier. Here’s the LP review:

The music and artwork here look and sound “authentic” as all shit, and I seriously thought NECRO HIPPIES were some lost early ’80s band until I looked at the recording date. This is music for another Saturday night spent drunk and alone in the basement of your shitty brownstone as it pours buckets outside: semi-snotty, thin-sounding vocals remind me of a more inept Otto from REGULATIONS, screaming and slurring over mostly mid-paced thick and dreary riffs, and stompy drums. This is also one of those bands that are able to come up with the simplest of riffs that still make you clench your fists. Put this record’s opener on your next mix tape.

Sounds, pictures, and more at the Necro Hippies MySpace page, where you can also the dates they’re looking to fill on their upcoming West Coast/Southwest tour, May 10th-21st, 210. Check it out and get in touch with them if you’re down to set something up!

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