New Blood

April 14, 2010

New Band Spotlight: Speed Kills

New Blood is our regular web feature spotlighting new bands from around the world!
Now check out some killer new shit…

From this month’s MRR magazine (#324 “¢ May 2010)…

(photo by Wander Willian)

What we have here are five killer songs from this Brazilian band that sounds like a deliciously fast baby spawned by LIMP WRIST and some modern Italian hardcore lover that really isn’t around too much, but has left a genetic mark — whoa… The vocals are gruff, screamy and in Portuguese. The lyrics are about human waste, struggling again the odds and looking ahead, among other things, with references to Mad Max mixed in. This music is tight and fierce. Their track “A Cura” has some killer female vocals that made me stop what I was doing. The recording quality is great and it came with a cool DIY screened back patch that will probably be on my next vest. Try to get your hands on this, or at least watch out for this bands official release, cuz this is gooood! (Mariam) (5-song CD-R, lyrics included,

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