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January 5, 2010

New Band Spotlight: Zombie Dogs

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Now check out some killer new shit…

ZOMBIE DOGS is a raging all female, pro-bike, pro-skating, pro-caffeine, pro-feminism, pro-fun hardcore band from Brooklyn. The world (or at least the punk world) would be a better place if more bands fit this description. I’m gonna stop there and point you in the direction of their songs at Please tour the west coast, or at least play NYC when I’m out there in early May, preferably with DEATH FIRST and NOMOS. Thanks in advance.

Zombie Dogs! (Photo by Dave Sanders)

Here’s what Layla had to say about their demo in the July 2009 Maximum Rocknroll:

Really raw and rudimentary, (in the best sense of the word), all-lady-made hardcore from Brooklyn.  It comes with this rad lyric book/tape cover, with songs about creepy feminist for fucks dudes, street harassment and skateboarding!  It’s so refreshing hearing challenging, thoughtful feminist and goofy lyrics in this genre of hardcore.  So rad!!  Tamara has the coolest voice, it’s really tough sounding but not in a SPITBOY way, more like a more hardcore Jenna from MIKA MIKO.  She has a similar cool throaty/snotty thing, but this is way more aggro!  The guitar sound is so blown out, and listening to this just makes me think of the endless eternal sound of basement hardcore bands.  It’s a good feeling listening to a tape on which the riffs bring to mind Flex Your Head, but girls made it, so much cooler than another generi-dude band.

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