Pushtwangers Here We Go Again LP

I like this smooth mix of pop and garage sounds but again, I think it’s a case of not really working up a sweat. I know this band can do better as evident on the track they released as a single, “Love for Everyone” — complete with stinging guitar lines and an effortlessly smooth melody. I’m still on their side but we’ll have to see after the next one.

Pushtwangers Strangler from Behind / Coma 7″

One side is way too pop for my tastes (as are many of their releases), but the flip has much more of a rockin’ feel, with a sound reminiscent of many of the bands on this label (NOMADS, etc.)

Screaming Dizbüsters This Ain’t the Summer of Love / Out of the Frying Pan, Into the Fire 7″

More typically an “Amigo” band, there’s a “big” garage-type sound here, straightforward pounding rock’n’roll and snarled vocals. Both sides rock. Heard this is the NOMADS under an alias.

The Nomads Where the Wolf Bane Blooms 12″

This Swedish four-piece must have problems getting gigs, as their sound is pure ’60s-style garage punk. Their main influences seem to be from the Pacific Northwest, most notably the SONICS and the WAILERS, yet the NOMADS also display some rockabilly tendencies. They are modern masters in the war of distortion, and fans of the CHESTERFIELD KINGS, the UNCLAIMED, and the FLESHTONES should check them out.

The Nomads 16 Forever / Salvation by Damnation 7″

I guess it had to happen, but the NOMADS have toned it down. Both sides lack the raucous, free-swingin’, guitar crazed rock ‘n’ roll that I loved em for. Instead, we get two medium paced, thick sound production tunes that are decent but pale in comparison to their early rave-ups. Alas.

V/A A Real Cool Time LP

By now everyone’s heard of the NOMADS, but what a pleasure to find they’re just the “tip of iceburg” as is proved by this “Distorted Sounds from the North” comp. Incredible neo-’60s punk rages forth from SHOUTLESS SLOBSTER, PYROMANIACS, CREEPS, WAYWARD SOULS, and tons more as well as aforementioned forerunners, the NOMADS. Shiver me timbers, this is awesome.