Minuteman Voodoo Slaves / I Wanna Be Your Minuteman 7″

Two fantastic warpo psychobilly-tinged ’60s-ish thangs. The A-side has an irresistible rhythm punctuated by a tambourine, along with twangy guitars, dynamisim, tension, and some amazing screams; “I Wanna Be Your Minuteman” is reminiscent of some of the more hoppin’ cuts on the first GUN CLUB album. This 45 really grows on you—I already love it.

Deniz Tek / Radio Birdman 100 Fools / Alien Skies 7″

DENIZ TEK was the brains behind RADIO BIRDMAN; unfortunately, the A-side is not his best effort by any means. What makes it interesting is that the rhythm section consists of REALLY RED members, and it was recorded in Texas. The flip is an instrumental out-take from RADIO BIRDMAN’S Living Eyes album, and is a must for fans of the VENTURES or LES BAXTER.

The Lime Spiders Out of Control / Save My Soul 7″

The A-side is about as hard a rocking pop song as one can find—powerful, with pop structure. The flip starts out slow, but picks up considerably. Superior playing that reminds me of the EASYBEATS or a less psych CREATION. Cool ravers.

The New Christs Like a Curse / Sun God 7″

There’s something downright pure and mystical about the straight-ahead, no-frills rock that originates in Australia, and this thoroughly powerhouse slab of vinyl by the NEW CHRISTS amply demonstrates that magic. Both tracks display forceful, ringing guitar plowing over an amazingly propulsive rhythm section that creates a wailing, detonating attack. A perfect loud and crunching record that even humbles the SAINTS, the LIME SPIDERS, or anything else of that sort.

The New Christs The Black Hole / Addiction 7″

Not quite as hard and loud as their other releases but because they’ve shifted their gears a little the sound here is less Detroit-styled rock and more slower, moodier that resembles the best of the FLESH EATERS and the GUN CLUB.

The Stems She’s a Monster / Make You Mine 7″

While both tracks here are fine examples of fuzzed-out ’60s punk, “Make You Mine” is the real stand-out. With strong influences by raw R&B rockers like THEM, this one totally wails. Excellent.

The Stems Tears Me in Two / Can’t Resist 7″

This, their second 7″, is pretty rockin’ ’60s fuzz punk, but doesn’t stand out too much from the crowd. Nonetheless, there’s great guitar, tight beat, and non-wimpy production.

The Trilobites American TV / Legacy of Morons 7″

This has all the components of a great Aussie garage record. There’s a great underlying melody that never gets in the way, some tough guitar slashing, and everything moves along at a pace reminiscent of the FLAMIN’ GROOVIES and SCIENTISTS.