Gastunk Devil EP

Thrash your brains out with this exceptional Japanese speedcore release. Full of ultrasonic quickness and metallic whines, GASTUNK rivets out three heavy barrages of good rhythms that are powerful and exciting. Featuring ex-EXECUTE singer Baki, GASTUNK does resemble a sound close to the EXECUTE, yet more metal guitar pieces. Really good stuff.

Gastunk Dead Song LP

Totally mindblowing madness here from Japan. Raging speedcore thrusts out pile-driving chaotic leads and maniac raspy vocals, whose style is unique and adds character to the GASTUNK sound. Fast, maniac slices with some interspeed variations make this one of the hottest Japanese LPs since GISM.

Gism Detestation 12″

Churning metal-punk, or perhaps even speed-metal, depending on where you draw the distinction. GISM are undoubtedly a heavy metal band who’ve been heavily influenced by hardcore, but the music is so intense and the vocals so ominous that even I’m in a state of shock. These guys make VENOM sound like the KNACK, especially on side one.

Rap Hysteria 12″

On the basis of their first two singles, I was expecting bouncy female vocal pop-punk with a great sense of personality. This set of tunes, however, veers into X-MAL DEUTSCHLAND territory with its sung vocals, slower tempos, and thinned out guitar sound. Too bad.

Rose Rose Emotional Disturbance 12″

Too totally insane! Rapid polished of tight, well matched speedcore that charms with a quick, powerful shine. Reminiscent of GASTUNK with a hauling fury, this Japanese three-piece have combined all the right elements for the ultimate punch. Metallic bites whine as the music charged forth with a shrilling vocalist hurling lyrics outward.

The Clay The Middle East Combat Area EP

Gut-crunching power thrusts a titanic wallop as the CLAY do their brand of Japanese hardcore. Fast, with enjoyable chord changes and strong leads, has metallic edges broken in with thrash punches; still, it screams with incredible bursts of energy. Potent lyrics on the political side. This is tasteful and scorches. Be sure to get this!

The Comes No Side LP

Totally intense! This band hits hard with a modern thrash style not unlike that of certain DC bands, in the sense that they are very tight and write songs with good hooks. (Jeff thinks they sound more like Holland’s AGENT ORANGE). Their powerful music is capped by great guitar work and the most aggressive, psychotic, ragged female screamer yet to appear on a punk record. Phew!

The Zolge Over Alive flexi 7″

An exciting dose of live Japanese punk. This outfit has some potent riffs with hummable songs structures, but a studio recording of this material would be great. ZOLGE should be an exhilarating live band; the power on this record is raw and potent.

The Zolge Crisis My Guest LP

Interesting sound on this ZOLGE release, ultimately using the studio (a good one) to their advantage. A wall-of-sound rock/hardcore approach with much emphasis on the exceptional vocals that have plenty of interesting effects on them. This booms with well-produced power, different and enjoyable. A one-of-a-kind sound.

The Zolge Feel No Fear EP

On ZOLGE’s third release, that unique wall of sound is gone, replaced with a catchy pop-punk flavoring, still not losing any potent harmonies. Strong instrumentation with tight vocals and good production make for a very sharp delivery. Has a current ’77-punk feel to it. Crafty stuff.

The Zolge Catholic Day / Solid After 7″

Professional punk that just barely maintains its roots after all the production and arrangements. Kind of like the Japanese equivalent of the DAMNED. Slightly better tunes appear on the 12″ of “Catholic Day.”