Dr. Know Plug-In Jesus LP

Mystic describes these guys as a “hardcore speed-metal death band,” and I can’t improve upon that summation much. DR. KNOW plays fast thrash and semi-thrash with heavy metal guitar leads and depressing, horror-inspired lyrics. They’re tight as a drum and undeniably powerful, though some of the aforementioned metal parts are excruciating. In the L.A. STAINS tradition, but quite a bit better.

Killroy 99 Bottles EP

Shouting and screaming, lunging out with harmonious melodies and musical chording at foot-stomping speed, KILLROY charges forth. A Southern California outfit that definitely pushes forward chanting energy with twin crooners, thumping drums, and an overall sound that will remind you of rejoicing Englishmen like the COCKNEY REJECTS or LA’s YOUTH BRIGADE and ADOLESCENTS.

V/A It Came from Slimey Valley LP

Yet another cleanly produced compilation from Mystic/Ghetto Way and, like Copulation, it contains a well-balanced mixture of thrash, punk, metal, and their permutations. I especially like DR. KNOW’s “Boys Life,” CRANK SHAFT’s cuts, and RIGOR MORTIS’s metallish “In the Trenches,” but overall it provides a good introduction to current developments in the Southland. Marc Rude’s grotesque cover art provides an additional bonus.