Hold Up

Antiseptic First-Last EP

Muscle-driven power charging with a raw horsepower of intensity. Heavy riffs with a deep, growling voice to raunch the chaotic bites down. Metallic string bits whine out to break the pace as the momentum is a strong medium thrash blast. Well-structured musical attacks work extremely well in the tradition of ZOUO and GISM, as this Japanese depth-charge outfit grins with mayhem. Rave.

Ghoul Jerusalm EP

GHOUL’s second EP gets heavy as an apparent VENOM influence brings the harsh power down, but the band still has chaos in their blood and slashes at those ears with fast chords biting hard. Gnashed out vocals spit out as this combustion explodes into a disorderly zoomfest. Ace stuff.

Outo Half Wit Life EP

A supreme invasion of grinding feedback rammed with chunky distortion from the Osaka havoc masters of Japan. This fabulous second release thrusts all the chaos into a noisy thrasherpiece as the thrills are non-stop pushing the ears thru the glass and ripping the skull to shreds. Deep, raw non-hesitant jumps into the speed realm of ultramania.

United Beast Dominate EP

The metal-punk on this release crosses the Offensive Barrier, at least for me. Basic speedcore riffs, crunching lead breaks, and sub-par songwriting combine to make for four songs distinguished only by their relative speed and energy.

V/A Hold Up Omnibus 8″ EP

Some very poor recording mars what were probably some very exciting live moments for the four bands that appear on here; SYSTEMATIC DEATH, GHOUL, GASTUNK, and the CLAY turn in several tracks each, but…too bad.

V/A Devil Must Be Driven Out With Devil: Hold Up Omnibus LP

Hold Up Omnibus 2 is a speedcore delivery of grinding guitars and heavy power. Metallic licks and turbulent chords make this puppy hard. With the likes of LIP CREAM, GHOUL, UNITED, CITY INDIAN, and SAVER TIGER, the energy is ferocious and grits the teeth. Burly banzai beefcakes to smash at.