76% Uncertain Estimated Monkey Time LP

Former members of CIA and REFLEX FROM PAIN combine to form a new band with a sound that reminds me somewhat of DIE KREUZEN. Bones’ vocals are intense and backed up by a very tight sort of medium-paced thrash that’s delivered with power and hooks. Definitely recommended.

C.I.A. C.I.A. LP

If you liked the original line-up of the band, or if you’ve ever liked the CIRCLE JERKS, then rest assured you’re going to like this one. While there’s a bit of tedium in the uniformity of their thrash, it’s more than compensated for by the overall power and tightness. Good.

C.I.A. C.I.A. LP

Finally, the long-awaited second piece of vinyl by the Connecticut trio gets released. For the most part, the tunes rip but don’t have as many magic moments as their debut EP. However, the band does put their all into this record, creating a strong, tight, melodic 15-song punk LP.

Dumptruck D is for Dumptruck LP

Don’t be fooled by their title—they’re pretty cool. They remind me of early TELEVISION and DB’S pop, but without any love songs. I can’t call it neo-psych because it’s not ’60s-ish and they don’t rewrite Sam Shepard plays for songs. It’s real good.

Lost Generation Never Work EP

The A-side has a very long slower punk song that rags on working; the B-side has three thrashers, the best being a great anti-drug song called “Mind Control.” They also do a breakneck speed version of “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds.” But guys, why “just another bitch?” Are you just another bunch of “punkers?”

Lost Generation Return From Incas

LOST GENERATION is back! These forerunners of the Connecticut hardcore scene totally kick ass and thereby prove that they’re still alive and well. There’s great, tough punk here—no frills, melodic but crunching tunes, and hot vocals. Don’t miss out.

Lost Generation Victim LP

A chunky punk instrumental attack characterizes the latest LOST GENERATION LP. Despite some overly rockish parts, Victim’s solid mid-tempo sound, multi-dimensional songs, strong hooks, sung (rather than screamed) vocals, and sometimes thoughtful lyrics make it the best release by this band since their awesome debut EP.

Miracle Legion The Backyard 12″

Following hot on the heels of their labelmates, DUMPTRUCK, this Connecticut band continues to breathe fresh air into a dormant pop scene. They mix jangly guitars, good, tight songs, and a singer who sounds like a cross between Michel Stipe R.E.M. and a young LOUDON WAINWRIGHT. Real charming.

Seizure All Hail the Fucking System EP

Four tunes that are centered around a very catchy, steady, pounding beat and a nice guitar buzz. The lyrics deal with simple political statements but remain interesting, which is complemented by the deep-throated vocals. Good stuff.

V/A Connecticut Fun LP

This 28-song comp is made up from the likes of 76% UNCERTAIN, YOUTH OF TODAY, LOST GENERATION, VATICAN COMMANDOS—13 bands in all. The music ranges from powerful thrash to melodic late-’70s punk to hard-edged rock. Production is consistent, resulting in a fairly good sampler of what the CT scene has to offer.

Valley of Kings Victory Garden LP

Usually, I’m a sucker for murky, mysterious pop and I wanted to like this a lot more than I do. After their last 7″, I figured these guys would be ready to take on the likes of the EATS or LOVE TRACTOR, but this recording really wears thin after a couple of playings. Not necessarily bad, but maybe a little uninspired.

What Now Small Record With Four Songs EP

Surprisingly hard-edged pop-punk (at least on three of the tunes). While the pop elements are pronounced, the driving beat and Lou Giordano production really rocks it out while maintaining the subtleties.