Dogmatics Everybody Does It 12″

Half the tracks here are really listenable garage rock’n’roll, while the rest tend to be too rockabilly-ish or poppish in derivation for me. Obviously, they’ve got power and roots, but I hope they don’t get stuck in the past.

V/A 4 Bands That Could Change the World LP

Rully? OK, 7 SECONDS, AOD, WHITE FLAG and F come up with 4 or 5 tunes each, oddities, versions, live takes, etc. Pretty fun selection, plus bits of goofiness and experimentation.

White Flag Wild Kingdom LP

A lot more pop than in the past (at times even power pop), this release puts the accent on harmony and melody. Sounds like the BEATLES meet early punk with some thrashy energy. Lots of short, goofing around tracks, as well as their usual good production sound. Guess this signals the end of this label as an indie.