Faith No More We Care a Lot LP

Take the necessary ingredients to produce hard-hitting raps in the vein of RUN DMC, add slow, flowing keyboards, and you will have a good idea of what this band has struck upon. The title track is by far the standout, and I see no reason why the remaining tunes wouldn’t become popular with a lot of the underground dance clubs.

Negazione …Lo Spirito Continua… LP

Acknowledged by many to be Europe’s best thrash band, this release (out both in Holland on Konkurrent and in the US through Mordam) show their power. Songs are multi-layered with lots of growly singing and non-generic structures. Remind me a bit of a cross between the OFFENDERS and early DIE KREUZEN. Yet another Italian powerhouse.

Rhythm Pigs Rhythm Pigs LP

Excellent debut album by the PIGS that shows they’ve grown by leaps and bounds in both their lyrics and music. Everything from a tough western feel to a punchy, fuzzy funk song gets attention here. I could actually imagine their song “Human Drama” getting airplay on regular radio. Very cool and very recommended.

Rhythm Pigs Choke on This LP

Every time I see this band, they get tighter, but on this LP, too many weak songs just drive this record into the ground. Maybe it’s just a case of too little time to prepare for this album. In any case I’m still listening because I know just how good these guys can be.

The Ex Too Many Cowboys 2xLP

The EX are a collective not unlike CRASS but their music is every bit as challenging as their message. This double LP takes intelligent topics and spreads them over SONIC YOUTH style drones into raw post-punk noises. With two exhaustive magazines.

Victims Family Voltage and Violets LP

Known as a “musician’s band” in the Bay Area, this Santa Rosa trio plays tight, tight, tight and leaves the other local musicians in awe. Musically, they utilize jazz, metal, and HC in a manic combustion that breaks new ground, though traces of early MEAT PUPPETS seem evident. Lyrically progressive and musically intensive.