Anti-Scrunti Faction Damsels in Distress LP

ANTI-SCRUNTI FACTION champions the grunge-o-rama attack on their debut LP. The lyrics and punky spirit of this band go a long way, but the sameness of the songwriting detracts from the album’s ultimate impact. I’ll tell you one thing: if the whole album were as hot as “Suicide Note,” an impassioned thrasher, they’d have dynamite here.

Dead Silence Stress LP

A band whose lyrics matter a lot, who have put on benefits to back up their beliefs, and who rock hard as well. Really cool fast, grungy punk with tough committed vocals. Neat fuzz guitar fits well with thrash, too. Excellent, exciting debut.

Dead Silence Stress LP

Driving, angry mid-tempo punk with rhythmic, distorted, upbeat sounds blended with good sing-alongs and politically minded lyrics. Several treats show up on this, as some memorable basic guitar and vocal arrangements make a very loud release from this band that does not live up to their name.

Lepers Evil Music / So We Can Talk 7″

The thing I like most about both cuts are the vocals, which are eerie but not pretentious. The A-side is the song I like musically; it sort of reminds me of the more upbeat, listenable side of PERE UBU. Great bass runs.

Lepers God’s Inhumane EP

A four-songer, much harder and more thrashed-out than their first excellent release. Once again, it’s well done, but also somewhat on the metal side of punk. My favorite cut is “Genius as Thief,” a real bone-cruncher.

Lepers I Wanna Be God EP

The LEPERS’ latest four-track EP ranks, in my opinion, as their best to date. This band blends a simple thrash style with distinct rock ’n’ roll elements, and emerge with a treat in their piledriver, “Concentration Camps.” While this outfit will win no awards for originality, they deliver their measure of aggro with agility.

Massacre Guys The Rider EP

Slow- to mid-tempo garage rock which musically and lyrically is laced with feelings of doom. The music does at times have a healthy raunchy feel to it, but never really cuts loose and expresses the potential power that would produce something that’s memorable.

N.O.T.A. Moscow EP

A long overdue vinyl release from these Sooners, one that fully demonstrates their power and punch. This is a four-songer with fast and medium thrash, all of which hits you right in the gut. Let there be more!

Rhythm Pigs An American Activity EP

RHYTHM PIGS play good “meat and potatoes” thrash with surprisingly effective vocal harmonies and musical changes of pace. Most of the songs here manage to break the typical thrash mold without sacrificing a whit of power in the process. Check this one out!