Crude SS Who’ll Survive EP

Yeeeoowzza! This disc is a flailing sonic eruption! Fast teeth-gritting grinds of raw abrasive combustion with raunchy vocals that roar out in command. Sweden’s CRUDE SS storms six numbers so chaotic with a powerful raging beat that the power is the closest thing to actual destruction. One hot Swedish platter!

RIF Something Happened Today EP

R.I.F. specializes in power chord punk with sung melodies, in the accessible Swedish style. The five tracks here don’t connect in the same way as the ASTA KASK or TREDJE KONET, but the record is well-crafted and definitely hummable. Very good.

V/A The Vikings Are Coming LP

This Swedish compilation showcases a variety of newer bands, some rather promising. BEDRÖVLERZ and CRUDE SS whip away at their three songs each, while BIZARR demonstrates a pop-punk sensibility worth noting. Five other bands put in workmanlike efforts on this variable, but largely entertaining LP.