BGK Jonestown Aloha! LP

This Dutch band has evolved from the remnants of the NITWITZ into a more intense outfit capable of delivering many kinds of punk—classical, thrash, heavy metal punk, etc. All the tracks here have tremendous power, and some of them actually show an MDC influence. Very good indeed.

BGK White Male Dumbinance EP

This is as strong as their album, featuring one unrelenting thrasher after another. “Action Man,” the title cut, and “Bite the Hand That Feeds You (Shit)” have especially great hooks and breaks, and all seven songs contain some biting attacks on conditioning in modern society. This one is a must, and don’t miss them on their US tour this summer.

BGK Nothing Can Go Wrogn! LP

The masters of Dutch political thrash strike the match and burn wildly with this new line-up. Tony’s gone over to guitar and he rips the pace to bleedin’ shreds as the drums smash over and over again with Rene’s forceful thrusted vocals. If you liked the first, the second will drive you mad with quickness, tight harmonies, and action-packed thrills.

NV Le Anderen / Riot Here’s the Sounds of the Streets LP

This album features two new Dutch bands, one punk (RIOT), the other skin (N.V. LE ANDEREN), but I can’t figure that out from the lyrics or music. Both play similarly fast punk or thrash, and both have intelligent songs about similar subjects. An excellent release, but I’m still confused. The beautiful cover doesn’t help matters.

The Studs Warning! High Voltage EP

This sounds like earlier-style British punk and, although Dutch, has English lyrics. It’s funny how stuff that sounded so great three years ago now sounds so restrained, but “Electric Chair Execution” is fairly effective.

V/A Als Je Haar Maar Goed Zit… Nr. 2 LP

23 songs by eight of Holland’s many great thrash and punk bands. The bands include PANDEMONIUM, the HAEMORRHOIDS, ZMIV, the OUTLAWZ, NULL-A, the LAST FEW, the AMSTERDAMNED, and BGK (who have an incredibly hot debut LP of their own out), and there isn’t one lame track here. Get this today!