We Bite

Attitude Kein Schlaf Bis Deutschland 12″

Actually a really good record from this S.F. band. While the metal influence is apparent, it’s not as dominating as when they play live, and on these five cuts, it’s the power and energy that rule. Also, the lyrics are excellent and serious, which is surprising considering singer Andy Aeroplane’s normally non-stop wise guy personality. No U.S. release planned.

Capitol Punishment Slum With a View LP

This outstanding Fresno band barrels along still relatively unknown after all these years, and undaunted by their lack of recognition, continues to produce hot material. Besides being some of the nicest folks in HC, they are among the most proficient, and on this LP, they’ve broadened their material to include blues, jazz, and other influences, as well as adding a lot more guitar work.

Irha La Patria Chiama 12″

Three of the four tracks here adopt an upbeat pop-punky style with good energy, little discernible melody, and somewhat undisciplined vocals. The other song is a lilting reggae-tinged number that segues into ska. Adequate, but it doesn’t quite hit the mark.

Pissed Boys Tschingahsa LP

Pretty ordinary melodic punk and thrash here, and though the lyrics are very strong. I don’t think the music really comes across with the same emotional impact. This isn’t a bad album, just a not a pissed kick-in-the face.

Schliessmuskel Komm, Setz Dich Zu Uns EP

SCHLIESSMUSKEL tries a little of everything on their debut EP: “Klaus E.” is a blast of catchy thrash in the gritty tradition of HEIMAT-LOS; “Nachigedanken” has an almost RAMONES-y appeal; “Rita,” with its wonderful vocal choruses, qualifies as appealing pop-punk. A varied, and very good, EP.

Spermbirds Something to Prove LP

Hard to believe this band is German. The music sounds like ANGRY SAMOANS, the vocals are U.S. style snotty punk (the singer is actually an American ex-G.I.), the lyrics are sarcastic SoCal-type, but instead of sun-baked retard we get some genuine insight. Hot as hell!!

Spermbirds Get on the Stage / My Brother 7″

A good showing by this West German act. The A side is a catchy mid tempo basher with good lyrics and powerful guitars, while the B side alternates between thrashy and reggae. Hot stuff.