The Leather Nun 506 12″

The NUN has done another one worth mentioning. They cover WIRE’s “506” and pull it off quite well, except it’s not the hottest WIRE song to begin with. But most noteworthy are the two songs on the B-side—”Fly Angels Fly” and “I’m Alive.” There are basic rock’n’roll riffs reminiscent of early STOOGES and RADIO BIRDMAN. Cool lyrics, too.

The Leather Nun Alive LP

While I’ve liked a lot of their earlier releases, this one didn’t grab me. It’s really rock-heavy punk and post-punk that rarely cuts loose. On some of the slower stuff they do mount good power (“Lollipop”), but it’s not enough.

The Leather Nun Gimme Gimme Gimme / Lollipop 7″

An ABBA cover. Well, if anyone can pull it off, I suppose LEATHER NUN can. Actually, it’s great—their powerful, sleazy, pop punch comes right through and the B-side is a great dirge, too.

The Leather Nun Lust Games LP

The NUN rock full out. They’ve always been a rock band and offended in a humorous way, but with this posing girl front cover, posing band back cover, big production, and some trite rock songs they’ve lost their appeal. Only one song I like. What happened?

The Nomads Hardware LP

Again, cleaned and prettied up. The tunes are still cool, but the bite and raunch just isn’t there, that extra spark of rock’n’roll that heads a band over the line into madness. Too reserved.