Bl’ast! The Power of Expression LP

In their early days they were M.A.D. (see Not So Quiet comp) and were a raging thrash band Á  la BLACK FLAG of ’82. Then BLACK FLAG and SSD changed to a “heavier” sound, and so did these guys (now BL’AST!), only they hung to it. This LP captures that “power” hardcore sound well, combined with angry, yet positive lyrics, and even a few thrashers thrown in. A strong release.

Uniform Choice Screaming for Change LP

Taking obvious cues musically, philosophically, vocally, lyrically, and even graphically from MINOR THREAT (and to a much lesser degree, MDC) might lead these guys in for criticism for being unoriginal, but what they do is so powerful and convincing that it’s easy to overlook these charges. Good lyrics, though a bit unspecific, hopefully to broaden with age and growth. Keep the commitment!

Unity You Are One EP

Seven intense, gutsy thrash tunes all with a clever uniqueness and strength. Sing-alongs and shouting vocals seem only to add to the power. The lyrics are on the serious “positive” side and stress this message with great sincerity and emotion. I can only hope that these feelings carry true in person. Worth looking into.

Youth of Today Break Down the Walls LP

These New Yorkers have finally released a record that does them justice. A collection of clean, powerful hardcore with committed positive lyrics. Not as fun as their live show and a little short on innovation, but this is still a good LP.