Bonus Video of the Week: Siberian Hardcore

March 27th, 2010 by

From the description on YouTube:

The almighty ORGASM OF NOSTRADAMUS from Ulan-Ude, Siberia, with their top 40 smash hit rip-snorter, “Jolly Tough Guys”! Their guitarist Abba was killed when Moscow skins gave him a bottle of battery acid and told him it was vodka. He died after a few days of excruciating agony in hospital. Some months later Ugol, their charismatic vocalist, dropped dead in a St. Petersburg record store from an overdose of alcohol and pills. I believe bass-player Zombie and co-vocals Rezan carry on the O.N. name in Ulan-Ude – “NEON”. Classic band!

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31 03 2010
НИКИ (07:02:04) :


31 03 2010
pengvin86 (10:51:43) :

I don’t think that Orgazm Nostradamusa might be referred on MRR Site. They were just a stupid and unlucky attempt to excel Grazhdanskaya Oborona of 80’s sample by more primitive and drive less sound, by pretentious lyrics and by more pretentious philosophy of ‘anarcho-amoralism’ really consisted only into shocking of ‘ordinary people’ by own alcoholism, promiscuity and suicide propaganda which is really boring especially in Russia with it long traditions of alcoholism. GG Allin by me was more ‘anarcho-amoral’. than Ugol because his behaviour was really dangerous especially for public who visited his concerts, unlike Ugol who gust tried to scary all by his manifestos but do nothing to really scare or make angry somebody.
And another reason for why ON doesn’t mention in MRR site is that that in Russia and in different post-Soviet countries in the end of 90’s – beginnning of 2000’s (and earlier in Soviet times especially in Leningrad punk scene that have a thousand of charismatic alcobastards like Andrei Svin Panov from Avtomaticheskiye Udovletvoriteli who even perfromed drunk on Russian TV and Kolya Mikhailov from Brigadniy Podryad) were lot of bands with the same sound, same lyrics and the shame shock tactics and all normal punks called that bands and their followers govnopanki (which means ‘shitpunk’ or a ‘scumpunk’ or even a ‘suckpunk’ which is more closer).
So I really wondered – why this suck band like O.N. mentions on MRR Site? They are what – something special?

1 04 2010
tk (03:35:39) :

oh come oon, stop this bullshit. this vid is talented and fun.

1 04 2010
pengvin86 (10:42:57) :

I agree – this video and some few videos of ON (especially on Ih Special’no Ubivali – They Were Specially Murdered, on my favourite Orgasm song) are really fun but other 90% of their songs are real crap.

19 11 2012
sirb (17:08:14) :


They where from siberia and there it was new.Also they didnt´t dress as normal punx.

Heres another funny live video.

ps:IN their area Asian Nationalists listen to Hip Hop

1 01 2015
null (09:45:25) :

ON is the best Russian band ever. And I’d say it was the only real punks.

Comparing it to Grazhdanskaya Oborona is pretty lame… It’s tremendously different. Grazhdanskaya Oborona is quite dull comparing to ON.

Avtomaticheskiye Udovletvoriteli etc. are wishy-washy imitators of ON and their lyrics are not even close of ON’s one.

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