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UPDATE: Please read the comments section below.

PORK and I have interviewed a few of the same punks of interest, including Weird Luke and WHO KILLED SPIKEY JACKET? Since great minds think alike, and rock ‘n’ roll aesthetic and lifestyle are my thing, I thought I’d interview the person behind this dirty rocker rag for all you knife carrying, denim vest wearin’, good for nothing hooligans out there looking for a good time and a good read. Here’s Sean Äaberg of PORK magazine…


What do you mean by “PORK”?
Well, exactly, right? PORK is pig meat, PORK is to fuck, PORK is a play by Andy Warhol about Brigid Berlin starring Jayne County, which was a secret spark for the bombs of glitter rock and ultimately punk rock. PORK is a four letter word and it is a way of life.

How do you feel about the pigs?
KEEP KOPS KOSHER! The first thing that comes to mind is “Fuck the pigs,” but this is too easy of an answer. Police are a necessary element of any society and like anyone or anything wielding power and authority over others, there are issues with this. I dislike anyone telling me what to do and trying to lord bureaucratic power over me, but it’s a part of life I don’t see ever going away, so I just try and make sure to stay on their good side you know? I’d like to have enough money to pay them off one day.

Where do you exist?
We are currently located in PORKLAND, OREGON. We started PORK in Eugene, Oregon of all places, but we are from Oakland, California. PORK thrives best in the dirty streets between Chinatown and the Ghetto.

How do you afford to leave free, large sized newspapers at choice locations all over the USA?
All over the WORLD darling! You can find PORK in Mexico, Japan, Afghanistan, China, Japan and even exotic Canada! PORK is paid for by our generous and cool, small business advertisers and our wonderful contributors donate their talents to us for a taste of PORKING THE WORLD.


Tell me more about your distribution.
We rely on a grass-roots network of true-believers who make sure that each issue of PORK gets to where it needs to go. We have PORK ARMY members who place it directly into the hands of those that need it most and we ship directly to businesses and stuff that want to PORK their customers. I hand deliver PORK in the Pacific Northwest and Katie’s dad does our Bay Area distribution.

Well, you most certainly have fans in the Bay! Tell me more about what PORK stands for, if anything.
Rock & roll, weirdo art, bad ideas. Balls to the wall trash culture, freedom and freak out the squares!!! Banzai!!!

How long have you been doing this?
This is PORK’s third year coming up! It’s wild! But I’ve been doing punk zines since I was 12, and my wife and partner in PORK, Katie, has been doing zines for almost as long. We’re in it for the long haul and we’re in it to win it.

Who are your partners in crime in the USA? Canada? Europe? South America? Japan?!
Our partners in crime are too numerous to mention, but you will know them by the spirited look in their eye, the rattle of chains, the shine of studs, the smell of unwashed denim, the clomp of boots and the dirt under their fingernails.

How do you fund your mission?
PORK is an independent family business. We work our asses off.

Have you been sued for any stabbings and related deaths due to your distribution of comb knives?
Of course not, but we were ordered to stop selling them in the PORK SHOP because paypal has some stupid rule against selling weapons which is un-American, anti-freedom and just plain lame.


That’s ridiculous. It made a great birthday present for my girlfriends. Shame we can no longer get our girl gang weapon of choice on your site any longer! Tell us about your web store.
The PORK SHOP ( is the best store in the world! We are inspired by the sleazy smoke shops and dime stores of years gone by, and by the Johnson Smith catalog ads in old comic books. We try to mix a childish obsession with fun and intentional indiscretions, feather ruffling and rule breaking just to upset the pencil-necked geeks out there. Ultimately this is a fucking way of life and the stuff we sell helps to flesh out this whole world that we are developing.

How can we support Pork?
Live free or die trying! Shop at the PORK SHOP!!!

Should we join the Pork Army?
If you have the crazed desire to shoot fireworks out of your bottom, to upset people just for the sake of upsetting them, to be a part of a gang of cartoonish desperadoes that drink in public, scare the squares and inspire admiration in the people, have shop-keepers follow you around the store, to wear a denim vest year-round and have little kids want to be like you, you should! If you like Motörhead, Robin Hood, old street gangs and the Road Warrior, you’ve got an army!

Any last words, punk?
We are living in one of the craziest, most fucked up, most important periods in history and it’s time for people to wake up and start living, fighting against the system and standing up for what’s right. It’s time to put aside our petty differences, unite and smash the system. People who are not elite members of society are being phased out, to be replaced by robots, but this is gradual, so in the mean time they are keeping us castrated, declawed and entertained, milking us dry and they’re gonna grind us up as organic top soil. So now is not the time to be a yuppie, now is not the time to obsess over bullshit petty squabbles, now is not the time to hide in your fucking internet cyber-holes, now is not the time to be entertained by the system’s bullshit, now is not the time to be a wimp, now is the time to be out on the streets, every day and take back what is rightfully ours!


Sean Äaberg
PORK Magazine
PO Box 90296
Porkland OR 97290

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6 02 2014
A punk (23:16:07) :

This idiotic. the art sucks and the aesthetic is vapid, and they have straight-up fascist emblams on their merch. Booooooo

7 02 2014
MRR (11:58:49) :

I feel obliged to state that, as the coordinator/editor of this website, I was unaware of the Nazi/SS imagery used by PORK and I also find it very objectionable. If I had known about it beforehand, I probably would have chosen not run this piece (unless maybe it had included a question about why Sean thinks it’s okay to wear and sell Nazi buttons). In addition to the subtle swastika you can find in the third graphic in the interview, here are some links to merch in the PORK catalog with more fascist imagery:

This is not a matter of censorship but what MRR feels is appropriate to give voice to. We are all for freedom of expression, but when what you wish to express is that Nazism is cool fashion, then we have the right to either not publish you or to call you out on it. Since the interview is already posted, the cat is out of the bag and all we could do was ask Sean to make a statement about this, and hope that our readers will respond appropriately. Here was his reply:

“PORK uses the standard lexicon of Rock&Roll lowlife imagery which is common to bikers, hot-rodders, surfers, rock&rollers, hippies, skaters, metal heads, punks & stoners. This includes skulls, drug paraphernalia, predatory animals, sex, gallows humor, weapons, the occult, the legions of Hell & Nazi imagery. PORK harbors no ill will to anyone & our attitude is live & let live.”

7 02 2014
The token ethnic (12:10:27) :

Sean is Jewish, though. Oy, you kids today with your policing.

7 02 2014
Sean Aaberg (12:44:10) :

We don’t sell “Nazi buttons”. We sell buttons that have swastikas on them. They are all obviously NOT “Nazi buttons”. None of them imply the swastika as a “hate symbol” or anything. I’ts obvious. Pretty much EVERY Punk band up until 1984 has used Nazi imagery of one kind or another, I can make a list for you, if you like & NONE of them were Nazis. The PROBLEM is, that people have been made to fear the swastika SO much that they think that its very appearance means “NAZI”, when, guess what, there are many different ways to communicate different ideas. This kind of “zero tolerance” attitude is creeping totalitarianism, which of course can manifest in the guise of fascism. Here’s another way of thinking about this, many Peace & Anarcho Punks wear bullet belts. Is this because they are threatening machine gun violence against people? No, they wear it because it looks cool & guys in Heavy Metal bands did it before them. Looks dangerous, looks scary, looks cool. It’s not complicated & it REALLY shouldn’t be so forbidden in the MRR world. This kind of politically correct totalitarianism is the CENTRAL if not ONLY problem with the magazine, which should be a big tent for all Punks. Less ideology, more Punk. If the kids are united. etc.

7 02 2014
A punk (13:29:58) :

Every time a punk band or non-nazi brandishes/ed a swastica or fascist symbol, it’s totally fucking stupid. I think you’re confusing “fear” with “offense.” People are offended by fascist emblems because they carry a very heavy and inextricable meaning. In some parts of the world, these images (and what they stand for) are a daily threat for people. I think this is important to consider. Comparing bullet belts to swastikas is pretty absurd, though they are just another ubiquitous and un-shocking fashion accessory. Yeah, I’m a pc punk – sure. Ideology is important to me, and I know I’m not the only one reading MRR who thinks that. And I’m not even gonna tell anyone they “can’t” or “shouldn’t” make buttons with fascist images on them. But your products are featured here by a zine that does and always has held certain ethical standards, so expect some shit to fly your way. Besides, in this case it’s not pc-totalitarianism becuase it’s a discussion where both parties get to have their say and be heard.

7 02 2014
George Impulse (13:46:33) :

Osa Atoe wrote this commentary on her blog ( Entitled “No More Swastikas in Punk, Please,” its worth reprinting in full.


I went to a dance night last weekend to support some friends of mine who were DJing and one of the first things my girlfriend spots is a dude in a swastika t-shirt. Turns out he’s in one of the bands playing that night, so he’s not just a random guy in a swastika shirt, he’s the center of attention. I’m not mentioning any names, because I don’t wish to draw any more attention to this person or his band; they’re well-known enough in this town. I will mention, that this t-shirt is related to an old New Orleans punk band who used the image of a swastika made of crawfish (what a horrible idea on so many levels!) to be shocking. Of course, the wearer of the shirt claims not to be racist. I’m not sure if anyone’s every asked him if he knows that the swastika is mainly an anti-Semitic symbol that is also homophobic and fascist. I’m guessing it wouldn’t make a difference.

As you may well have guessed, I’ve never been into using bigoted symbols or language jokingly, for shock value or for irony. In fact, it’s been pissing me off for almost a decade now and I’ve finally hit my wall. Back around 2003 or so, this band Japanther was blowing up all over the country and it was no different in Portland. All of the sudden, everyone I knew had a Japanther poster hanging up in their bedroom or kitchen. Fine. Later on, it came out that Japanther was connected to the infamous Vice Magazine and their label Vice Records. I happened to find an article by one of the founders of that magazine in an online right wing journal called The American Conservative, in which he basically admitted that Vice had a right wing agenda.

Of course, a lot of people in my community were concerned. I remember, my housemate, Nate, contacted Japanther directly to ask them what was up. I also remember getting into an argument with another woman in my community who just wouldn’t believe what I was telling her I had read in that article because, at least at the time, Vice’s primary mode of spreading it’s right wing ideas was through–you guessed it–irony and low-rate humor. For many, it’s more difficult to see these kinds of messages clearly when everything’s a joke. I never read an entire issue of that magazine and I haven’t laid eyes on a copy of it in years, thankfully, but that situation really sticks with me.

Even though we’ve come a long way as a nation and a community when it comes to bigotry, the coast is not clear! Not even close. There was just a racist coup of a local government in Northern Louisiana a couple of months ago! (If you don’t believe me, google “racist coup”!) I live in a town where Orleans Parish Prison is filled with poor folks and people of color and the majority of the black citizens are poor. I get confused with my ex-girlfriend who is also black on a regular basis and it happens to other people of color I know on a regular basis as well. God forbid I ever “fit the description” of someone who’s done anything illegal. Look at all the anti-immigration and pro-life legislation going down in Arizona, and the white supremacist groups that are most likely making Barack Obama’s life a nightmare. I live in a town that was allowed to flood on purpose because it’s citizens were mostly poor and black. Rape is still a problem. Hate crimes against queers are still too common. These are just a few examples of the war that is being waged in the United States right now. Knowing all of this, how can you make a joke of it? Oh, it’s because you’re a straight, white male and none of this affects you directly so you don’t have to care. I’m so fucking disgusted with that shit.

The ultimate problem with ironic humor when combined with symbols or language that many people find degrading is that the people who use it are being ambiguous about what they really believe. You’re saying something racist, but then you say you’re not racist, which means you’ve actually said nothing. Instead of saying something you don’t mean, why not say something you do mean? If you’re a bigot, admit it so I know never to come near you or go to any of your events. If you’re not, then why hide behind irony? What is it that you’re really passionate about? What is it that you really believe? Why not be clear? These days, I’m feeling that, “I’m not racist/homophobic/etc.” doesn’t mean shit to me unless you’re explicitly saying and showing, “I am anti-racist,” or “I am against homophobia.”

It’s time to pick a side. There is no being neutral when it comes to these things. Saying “I am not political,” is a cop-out that basically means, “I’m fine with the way things are.” And being fine with the way things are means that you support racism, classism, heterosexism and the patriarchy because that is the default in our society. If you’re not against those things, then you’re going along with it even if you don’t mean to be because those forms of oppression constitute normalcy here in the U.S.A. Besides, what are you, depressed? How can you not have a passionate opinion one way or another about some of the most important issues of our time?

The old-school, straight-white-dude-dominated, New Orleans punk scene needs to catch up or get left behind. I am not talking about the old time and New Orleans jazz punk scene, which, as far as I’ve seen, creates welcoming DIY spaces in this city. The old-timers I’m talking about know who they are! This city is changing, for better or for worse, and all the punks you’ve alienated and written off as PC aren’t just going to move to San Francisco or New York to get away from your stupidity. We’re staying and we’re creating our own scenes that are going be better than yours–stronger, smarter, and better music, too.

Osa Atoe

7 02 2014
Ray Suburbia (14:10:21) :

Hey Sean,

I’m one of the current content coordinators for MRR and was the one who pointed out the use of fascist symbols and whatnot on your guys’ merch to Paul (who, until now, was unaware of Pork). I’ve read Pork off and on for a bit now, and while it’s not really my bag (mostly cause I’m simply just not into the same kinda punk/rock stuff that y’all cover), I think it’s cool that you’re taking the time, effort, and money, to make a fanzine about something you feel so passionate about. Like you, I have a very “live and let live,” mentality when it comes to a lot of things – especially in the world of punk. That being said, I think your comparing bullet belts to political imagery that is singularly aligned with fascism and racism is kind of a stretch, and that using that kind of imagery actually is rather complicated. I’m not gonna get all Susan Sontag about “Fascinating Fascism” or anything on a comments post, but there’s definitely debate to be had the moment anyone starts using images of institutional oppression as fashion or “cool.”

I also want to point out that MRR didn’t censor the post, didn’t pull it, and didn’t change a thing. So saying we have the “creeping totalitarianism” of “zero tolerance,” while sounding great rhetorically, is hardly true. I mean, I’m sure that’s obvious as we’re discussing it on the MRR website. And while you may think that MRR ‘should be this’ or ‘should be that,’ it’s only what we, as MRR, want it to be. We’re not over here telling you that Pork shouldn’t be doing anything, or how Pork should view things, or what Pork should be for “all Punks.”

We’re just using our corner of punk to flush out ideas about all this, and I do want to thank you for engaging in it, and not just getting defensive, shitty, and dismissive, like so many people seem to do these days. I’m totally down to continue to do so, if you want. Here online, or even possibly in print.

7 02 2014
Sean Aaberg (16:00:55) :

Thanks for your response Ray, I would like to continue a dialog about this subject, here, in the pages of MRR, wherever. The swastika has become our cross to bear for whatever reason.

I would like to refute two statements made.

“the swastika is mainly an anti-Semitic symbol that is also homophobic and fascist.”

“political imagery that is singularly aligned with fascism and racism”

The swastika historically speaking & even in the context that the Nazis used it is a symbol of goodness & luck. The Nazis were part of an occult movement in Europe connecting themselves to the Indo-Aryans, read up on Madame Blavatsky & the Theosophical Society for more on this. In sanscrit “swastika” means “to be good”. It is a holy symbol used by almost every ancient religion on every continent & has been found in Jewish temples. To the majority of the earth’s population, it is a benevolent symbol. The swastika will direct you to Buddhist temples in China & Japan. The swastika appears on the chest & feet of the Buddha. So, the swastika is not universally or even overwhelmingly identified with fascism, Naziism, homophobia, racism, etc. The swastika as evil is a strictly American & European viewpoint rooted in WWII & its aftermath.

I or we (PORK) are interested in the revitalization & reclaiming of the swastika, which we first even understood as an option because of V. Vale’s RESEARCH book “Modern Primitives” with the interview with MANWOMAN. But of course, having grown up in America & being part of western history & the Punk scene we know that the use of the swastika by the Nazis, its re-use by Neo-Nazis & the spectre of the swastika in Punk all make its use controversial & conflict filled.

Again, our use of the swastika is not in the context of being a “hate symbol” & our use of Nazi gear like PORKU wearing the SS cap is actually rooted in being exposed to Gay Leather Daddy Nazi fetish iconography from having grown up in the Bay Area. The first time I saw someone wearing a swastika it was Sid Vicious. The point being, it’s not cut & dry, it’s not just about oppressing certain groups of people & it also DOESN’T HAVE TO FILL PEOPLE WITH FEAR.

7 02 2014
J Halal (18:15:17) :

Sean: do you really expect anyone to believe that you included this imagery in your zine to communicate “benevolence”? As you said yourself, its part of “the standard lexicon of Rock&Roll lowlife imagery,” which to me simply translates to being ignorant, passive, and accepting intolerance because, hey, it looks cool. Since you’re so well informed about the historic origins and multiple meanings of this symbol, I’d think you’d be smart enough not to employ such outdated and boring shock tactics.

By all means, do whatever you want. Nobody’s stopping you. But at the end of the day, do you really want to be the guy defending the swastika?

7 02 2014
grrrr (18:42:39) :

I was pretty bummed out with the Mexican jokes in that issue, it really sends out a fucked up racist message especially when you pair that with the nazi imagery in this magazine.

7 02 2014
Ray Suburbia (19:45:09) :


Thanks for the response. The thing is though, we are Westerners. And this is the United States where even some indigenous groups (like the Southwest tribes of the Hopi, Navaho, Apache, and Papago) have even declared the swastika to be sullied and no longer used. If you really want to get all mystical/spiritual about it, just look at the concept of the sigil. With all the negative energy given to its image, the swastika is pretty much inarguably just that.

The problem I see in the attempt to reclaim the swastika, or whatever, is using the argument that it’s acceptable in the East, therefore it’s up to the West to bear the crooked cross of fixing it. When you argue that it’s actually a symbol of benevolence, but then lump it in with the “lowlife imagery” of rocknroll you’re trying to have your swastika and wear it too. It just doesn’t really work that way.

Now, I totally get where you’re coming from in that you’re not the first person, or even punk, to attempt to re-appropriate fascist/Nazi imagery. But even in leather/s&m/fetish culture, Nazi imagery is a controversial subject. Many dungeons and play places still don’t allow people wearing outright fascist/Nazi symbols. Afterall, part of the thrill of it is the sexualization of something so profoundly wrong and offensive and terrible. It’s part of that culture, but not a large part of the public sphere of it.

I’m also familiar with Manwoman and his efforts to reclaim the swastika as a positive symbol, along with the Learn to Love the Swastika movement started last year in the honor of the anniversary of his death. But I really don’t think that tattooing the swastika all over yourself, or giving away free tattoos of them to whomever wants one is really addressing the cultural problems and weight concerning the issue. That’s like saying that dumpstering bread is a remedy for why poor people don’t have food.

Like L.P. Hartley wrote, “The past is a foreign country: they do things differently there.” The punks and bikers of yore used the swastika to shock and anger their parents/elders of the WWII generation. But ever since the neo-Nazis and Third Positionists started co-opting punk culture in the ’80s through today there is no longer a clear line between ironic shock value and camp and genuine ideological allegiance.

Personally, I have never once thought that Pork, or anyone associated with Pork (I have many friends and acquaintences that have been in your zine) is inherently a fascist or racist. I mean, I didn’t see your mascot, Porku, and think, “Damn! that pig must really hate Jews!” Imagery like that, while I personally think is tasteless and dumb, is pretty obviously satirical. I’m just wondering how it is you think that selling merch like buttons with nothing but a swastika and a skull on them is somehow reclaiming that image.

8 02 2014
Sean Aaberg (11:10:06) :

There are several things at play here.
My point about the benevolent swastika was to point out that it is not universally a Nazi, fascist, racist, homophobic, not all ages show symbol. I was adding that I am interested in rehabilitating the symbol just as a personal note & to indicate where I am coming from. We are obviously not using the swastika as a benevolent symbol in our buttons, same with the Nazi gear obviously. We are using the swastika as a skull & bones. I understand the historical issue about the Punk energy being co-opted by various political concerns, but in my own experience, I’ve had the most problem with hard-left anarchists & their political witch-hunts & purity tests in the Punk world & have never met or interacted with a “Nazi Punk”, nor in all of our irresponsible use of the swastika have we ever been contacted by any fascist, neo-nazi or third positionist groups or individuals looking for support or congratulating us on our awesome job. About the Mexican jokes, we have been talking about relocating to Mexico for years now & PORK has a disproportionately high Mexican & Mexican-American readership & fan base, the jokes were not isolated, but were about PORK going to Mexico which is something we’ve been talking with our Mexico City friends about & are excited about doing in the future. The jokes were obviously not racist & were just dumb. If this comes down to having to excuse poor-taste, I think we have some base-line issues about what Punk means that have to be hammered out. I obviously know that MRR has had some kind of new-left Anarchist progressive political agenda since its inception, but at the same time, it was tacking this on top of a pre-existing Punk culture. If we are supposed to be concerned about scaring people, then a lot of, if not all of Punk style needs to go out the window. MRR needs to take all of the skulls off the cover. If we are supposed to be in good taste, then the music needs to be less abrasive & the language needs to be to a certain standard with less swearing. This is just to point out the absurdity going on here. What I think this comes down to is that some people are invested in the swastika being a stand-in for evil & when other people come around & disrupt this definition, there is a conflict around this attempt at controlling the swastika. Meanwhile we have real fascism going on in America with a Brown man as its symbolic head.

8 02 2014
Rotten Ron (17:01:26) :

Well I have to say this hearkens back to Tims’ nazi witch-hunts of yore where he’d go after unracist bands that flirted with questionable or fascist notions (The Fuck Ups, Agnostic, The FUs, The VKTMS,etc..) that turned me and alot of folks off to MRR for a long time and even to this day. He’d go after these harmless bands instead of really serious hatemongers. At least he’d run some of the interviews and leave it up to the readers and I hand it to MRR for doing that here even if it’s not what they meant to do. I think its good you put up Sean and Amelias responses but in typical MRR style you totally jumped the gun and made an issue out of something that nobody was even offended by yet making it the most popular post on here in a very long while. I read the interview and it’s cute, well written, harmless and I find it really funny reading Sean’s last statements contrasted with what maximum is saying. I think it’s insensitive to try to reduce Sean into some kind of SSimpleton. The goofy swazis are in the vein of vintage Mad Magazine and about as offensive as poop jokes. I appreciate creating a dialogue on the subject but energy should be kept for the REAL enemy.
– Rotten Ron Ready

8 02 2014
cynical to the end (23:26:27) :

rotten ron

i’m leery when anybody says we gotta put aside our differences and unite against “the REAL enemy.” who’s “the REAL enemy?” the rich? the capitalist ruling classes? the fascistic state? the big bad corporations?

or maybe “the REAL enemy” is the new-leftist communist anarchists? or the international bankers? or the illuminati? or the jews?

in your case rotten ron i think “the REAL enemy” is your parents.

10 02 2014
Ray Suburbia (15:40:02) :

I definitely didn’t intend for this to come off as a witch hunt, and was very much hoping to lay out all the information and let people decide for themselves what to think. My personal experience comes from having to deal with actual self-identifying Nazi punks throughout my life (to quote our great political theorist Joliet Jake Blues, “I hate Illinois Nazis!”) and I’m always a little wary of people (especially punks) using that imagery.

Sean, both you and Ron make good points about how there are bigger things to worry about than punk aesthetics and fashion. I definitely agree that this is much less significant than most politics. But I think it’s still important to talk about this kinda thing when in pops up in the punk community. I’d rather know for sure that someone (especially a punk) isn’t a fascist than wonder if they are. And while I better understand where you’re coming from (“We are using the swastika as a skull & bones”) and am really interested in exploring some ideas you put forth (“…there is a conflict around [the] attempt at controlling the swastika”) you still gotta understand that even to a lot of transgressive punks seeing a swastika on some punk shit is an immediate sketchy flag. And that a lot of punks are gonna think it’s just plain shitty. Especially over here at MRR.

Saying that I really do want to apologize that this conversation had to happen this way. We totally should have included the question about Nazi/fascist imagery from the get go – totally an embarrassing oversight. I also sincerely hope that you don’t take all this the wrong way – like we put up the interview and then commented about it to shit start or gain controversy. We’re definitely not that cynical or clever over here. And thanks for actually talking about this. Personally, I’m sure you and I probably have more in common than not, and it’s nice to be able to argue different viewpoints with someone and not have it be malicious or petty.

10 02 2014
Sean Aaberg (17:33:32) :

Thanks Ray, I appreciate that & I appreciate your dialog & tone throughout. For me, I like sketchy shit, I like fucked up stuff & I like conflict, these are all reasons why I was & am attracted to Punk & why I always live in a shitty neighborhood & draw fucked up drawings & publish a fucked up magazine. I always found a lot of Punk’s tendencies towards trying to make everything nice & politically aligned to be in direct conflict with what I like about Punk & my own life in general. In cities where tons of those kinds of Punks have moved, opened vegan & “conscious” businesses (Portland, the Bay Area, NYC), Yuppies have never been far behind to gentrify all of the sketchy people out & secure their pleasant atmosphere & zine bakery whatever the fuck. Ultimately I want this to be seen as a central part of Punk & for people to acknowledge that we have the right to be this way & it’s not a big deal. This is why, to address the “cynical to the end” poster & Rotten Ron (thanks for the back-up), the REAL ENEMY is the uptight squares who are always trying to correct me, make me follow the rules, enforce the laws, make sure everything is nice, whatever. You know what i’m saying. Thanks for the dialog & I hope to continue some kind of relationship between PORK & MRR. -s.

31 07 2014
Adam (21:55:42) :

Its great to see comments here without much name calling and with some actual responses. Sean – I love the magazine. Great articles, rants, and I must say more anti-fascist in spirit than any progressive zine I’ve ever come across. I come away agreeing with you and Ron both. Swastikas don’t “scare” me, but pretty much every time I have come across it in the West it is associated with numb-skull racists. Now I love some good-ole’ Eastern Religion, and esoteric imagery of every stripe. A swastika on some Buddhist vegan food package, a Navajo sand-painting, or an ancient Greek floor, may be something positive to a lot of people. You’re certainly aware of all that. Symbols are by definition symbolic. The current and previous use of the swastika to denote something good is not powerful enough to erase the recent memory in the West of its horrific symbolism. At best, the swastika in the US or Europe is shocking and perhaps you could convince people its use is ambiguous. At its worst it means hating somebody before you meet them and organizing their execution. If a scrawled swastika on a ring with “good luck” around it isn’t pretty obviously NOT a Nazi ring, well I guess it does detect uptight people. I personally find horseshoes, four-leaf clovers, etc, more “lucky” symbols and Baphomet and “666” to be scarier to the people I like scaring.

Eugene is full of people who thrive on finding their personal cause in every nook and crannie so they can write a letter to the weekly and get all self righteous. The day I picked up PORK in a record store was an great day. When you say the REAL ENEMY is the people who “…make sure everything is nice,” I agree completely. Our political system seems to be each side chipping away at our right to say what we think until everything is polite and we don’t question or challenge anything. A big boring grayed out mess. Take it sleazy!

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