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December 10th, 2009 by

eucharist_lpRichmond, VA’s EUCHARIST released this 12″ on Mountain Records in 1996. I was inspired to pull it out because a friend’s band was reviewed in MRR a while back and his vocals were compared to Eucharist. When I talked to him later, he said he was bummed because he figured they were an emo band (a la Saetia, maybe?) since their record was released on Mountain in the ’90s. Maybe this post will change his mind.

Eucharist played crushing hardcore with influences from some of the best late-’80s/early-’90s US hardcore bands. I can hear traces of Infest, Citizens Arrest, Born Against, Rorschach, Crossed Out, etc. Besides this 12″, they had a few tracks on the Nothing’s Quiet on the Eastern Front compilation LP (alongside Devoid of Faith, Assfactor 4, Dropdead, Monster X, and more), the Vida Life comp (on Lengua Armada), and the, uh, Double Dose of Dicks 2×7″ comp. Their guitarist Mark Telfian would go on to play in the band Hail Mary and was the original guitarist of Limp Wrist. He also did the label Paralogy Records.

Listen to the 12″ here:

1. Plague
2. Born in a Mess
3. Exit
4. Promised
5. Splintered
6. Spoon Fed
7. Fangs
8. Praying for Failure
9. Body and Blood
10. Frozen Minds
11. You’ve Been Had
12. Sensory Deprivation
13. Invincible
14. Fooled Again

As a side note, Mountain was a pretty diverse label, releasing stuff by Halfman, Seein Red, Iceburn, Atom & His Package, and comps with Totalitär, Antiproduct, Submission Hold, In/Humanity, and Balance of Terror. I was a regular volunteer there for a couple years in the early 2000s. Chris Jensen: if you read this, I hope you’re doing well!

9 responses to “From the Vaults: Eucharist”

16 12 2009
Chief Brody (17:51:50) :

This rips! A lot of people thought this was an emo record back in the day due to the name and the cover. One of the most underrated 90’s groups along with Dead & Gone and Mine.

18 12 2009
Gnars (09:19:39) :

Haven’t listened to this one in a while, but it’s def an underrated sleeper from the 90s. I think it’s just cuz people weren’t too stoked on this kind of music at the time, and it’s never gotten much after-the-fact hype. Good post, Chris.

21 12 2009
Rick Seibert (02:45:02) :

I remember getting this record when it came out and still play it from time to time. It sits right next to Econochrist on the shelf and they make an outstanding one-two punch, listened to back to back.

14 02 2010
Chris Jensen (12:13:09) :

I am doing well… thanks Chris for the recognition of this record. The goal of Mountain always was to support bands that were committed to the DIY ideal, and it is funny how different people have different impressions of the “kind” of label it was based on which era/genre they tapped into. For me it was all DIY.

3 09 2010
greg (06:30:27) :

this is a great record! shout out to chris who played drums for suppression on tour.

1 11 2010
christopher stein (20:58:51) :

hey- thanks for the kind words about this record!! i am really stoked that people are digging this so many years down the road. i am really proud of it,and was lucky to be a part of a group of amazing people. mark,colby+ brian are some of the most amazing people i’ve ever met. thanks to chris jensen for putting this out.

15 11 2011
Jason Smith (08:24:52) :

hell f@$k yeah! I still have this record. I was lucky enough to see this band performs in several Richmond living rooms. What’s up Chris!?

8 12 2012
Nate Wilson (11:54:42) :

Telf could always write shredding riffs. My favorite band out of the many many bands he did. The only thing that bums me out about them is that they didn’t do a demo. If they had I’d be all over putting it out on vinyl.

8 12 2012
Nate Wilson (14:54:26) :

this record shreds. best record that telfian ever played on in my opinion. the only thing that bummed me out about them was the fact that they didn’t have a demo (More songs please). I have a shirt of them from one of their gigs.

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