From the Vaults: FERTIL MISERIA
Cadenas EP

November 8th, 2012 by

FERTIL MISERIA – Cadenas EP (Discos Fuentes, 1994)

Last month a few of us watched a cool documentary at the compound about the early hardcore/punk scene in Medellin, Colombia, called Mas alla del No Fu­turo. It featured a series of interviews with old punks who had survived the rampant violence throughout the ’80s and ’90s in Colombia, and paints a vivid picture of how so many Medellin punks used hardcore as an avenue to escape the violence burning through the city at the time. Medellin was the center of Pablo Escobar’s infamous drug cartel, and many folks fell into the lure of killing for money or other dangerous work in the drug war. Many of the punks on this documentary testified that punk was their life and they spent all of their time making bands and having “punk parties.”  Otherwise they would more than likely have been sucked into the violence on the streets. Punks also (much like everywhere else) were targeted by police, and more than 3,000 of the youth were killed during these years. So the punks in this documentary are true survivors.

A shaved-headed Viki Castro, one of the very few women interviewed in the film, really grabbed our attention. Her testimony to those years was positive, strong, coherent, and confident, as was her presence on the screen. And then comes footage of her fronting a band! Enter FERTIL MISERIA, a four-piece — 3 women and a male drummer — seriously fucking shit up at a house show! Then they flash some record cover art that seriously blows our minds! So with thousands of punk records from all over the world at our fingertips, I rushed to the MRR shelves and pulled out this ripper (along with 7”s by I.R.A., B.S.N., IMAGEN, RASIX, the La Ciudad Podrida comp…) and became instantly obsessed! Look at that fucking cover! The Spanish lyrics promote peace and are smart and thoughtful. The music is raw hardcore punk, comprised of equal parts aggression and bounciness. Perfect blend, in my book.

It appears that FERTIL MISERIA is still active, and even did some dates in Europe this year. There is plenty of fun stuff to discover about this band on the web and a couple other releases to track down as well. So what are you waiting for?!

FERTIL MESERIA – “Actividad”

FERTIL MESERIA – “Cofraternidad Interplanetaria”


FERTIL MESERIA – “Cerebros Castrados”

FERTIL MESERIA – “Inteligencias Muertas”

2 responses to “From the Vaults: FERTIL MISERIA
Cadenas EP”

8 11 2012
Rafael (15:36:42) :

Fucking love Fertil Miseria!!!

I was just talking about them yesterday. I remember being in a recent show of them that was being taped for the local tv station. My dear Viki said: “Thanks for our friend from Venezuela for coming”. All the Tv cameras were pointing at me. Next day all Medellin Punks were telling me that my face was allover Medellin Tvs! hahaha funny times.

People should go to visit Colombia, one of the best places in the world, home of the best hardcore punk in latinamerica and a second home me.

Sorry for being so personal in this story. But I think it is funny story.
Keep on posting nice stuff.


9 11 2012
Jose Juan Posada (10:00:33) :

I’m happy that you finally paid attention to my documentary. Well i’m as a Anthropologist and as a active member of Medellin scene responsable for it but true is we all did it. I also would like to call for the attention of Dexkoncierto wich its singer Volketto gave us a wide view as Hardcore Punks for no selling out our destinis to the narcoterrorist war. Alo want to recommend Dexkoncierto vinyl just released wich has probably the most influential , raw and vivid sounds of that era.
Jose Juan Posada
Dexkoncierto guitar player ,ex ira and ex miami’s UFC and Los HUMANIAX

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