From the Vaults: Tim Yo and Martin Sprouse photos

February 4th, 2010 by

This week we’ve got a different type of From the Vaults post. These photos were loaned to the magazine by former coordinator Martin Sprouse, to be printed along with an interview we ran for the 25th Anniversary issue in 2007 (MRR #291, available in Back Issues). I found them in a folder on my old computer last week as I was clearing everything off before leaving it on the sidewalk. Now you get to see ’em in color! (Well, except for the black and white one…)

Martin Sprouse and Tim Yohannan at the MRR House, 1987

Martin and two unidentified people, building 924 Gilman St., 1986

Martin interviewing Tim for Leading Edge fanzine, 1984

Martin and Bones (of 76% Uncertain), 1984

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6 02 2010
Mykel Board (17:52:33) :

I didn’t remember that Martin was so cute during those early days. That and his notorious “equipment” explains a lot.

6 02 2010
Helge (23:47:05) :

Martin mainly did the layout for MRR´s “Welcome to Cruise Country” all-european photozine back in 1987. I´m still very very thankful for his great support for putting out this photozine. And I still miss Tim a fucken lot!
Helge Schreiber

3 07 2011
Mike BONES Hammond (21:40:24) :

I am so happy to say that I was able to meet Martin Sprouse back in the mid 80’s , And once we hooked up with Martin on our trip to the West Coast the fun just started. We were just starting our trip which was going from S.D. with stops up the coast to S.F. Martin let us stay at his house and when we were ready to leave he asked if he could come with us and hang out and the rest is history.In the photo we are holding are Myself and two of my most amazing friends, One was my girlfriend at the time and now my wonderful wife Elaine and mother of our 2 children. The other was Jeff Roberts, Writer and editor of C.U.D magazine, guitarist for Contraband and later in 76%uncertain. He was always helping and a big part of 76%uncertain while we and C.I.A toured. He would drive,roadie sell merch and he ended up as the 3rd guitarist for 76%uncertain during the 3rd lp. He was also my best friend and was very close to my wife Elaine and myself. Jeff was the best man in our Wedding and he had the best speach ever. We lost our best friend Jeff and Connecticut lost the most amazing person that day. He would help anyone and everyone. We loved Jeff R and still do… Well sorry for the long winded comment but this photo and that time in my life is so important to me and I just wanted Martin to know that. The time we spent together with Martin will be a time in my life that I will never forget and I know my wife feels the same way, Martin is a great person and Im so happy I was able to meet him. Mike Hammond ” Bones” vocals C.I.A. and 76%Uncertain

14 07 2012
Martin Sprouse (17:54:29) :

As you know Mike, that trip changed my life. Much love to you and Elaine.

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