Video of the Week: Huggy Bear New Year

December 30th, 2009 by

Sorry if this makes your eyeballs hurt, but in the party spirit of New Year’s, here’s an insane video of my favorite band and song of the Riot Grrrl era: Huggy Bear’s “Her Jazz”… It’s from the ’90s UK TV show The Word — a show for “young adults” made by “young adults”, etc. I’m pretty sure that’s Amelia from Heavenly singing backups there… Happy New Decade! Now fuck shit up.

Bonus: Nozin’ Aroun’

3 responses to “Video of the Week: Huggy Bear New Year”

31 12 2009
Layla (10:25:53) :

I was gonna go to this! I can’t remember why I didn’t. The woman that worked at the skateshop over rough trade offered us tickets (us=my band, Skinned Teen) but we couldn’t go… probably some school night/”you’re grounded” thing.

31 12 2009
Paul (10:30:45) :

D’oh… Bummer!

3 01 2010
jose (05:40:13) :

Best band of the 90’s!
So sad almost nobody (wants to?) remember them. I had been looking for this video since the dawning of youtube, and when I watched it a few weeks ago I wasn’t dissappointed. Pulverizing!
Riot Grrrl forever!

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