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In one of the under-reported fronts of the Arab Spring, Morocco has been struggling for democratic reforms for most of this year. Our crack correspondent, world traveler and discoverer of obscure punk hot spots, Luk Haas has sent us this video from veteran Moroccan punx HOBA HOBA SPIRIT, celebrating their revolution-in-progress known as the February 20th Movement. #occupyeverywhere!

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17 11 2011
Dk (13:43:55) :

I’m happy to see these kind of uprisings/protests happening here and around the world. It’s a shame we don’t hear much about Morocco or places other than Libya and Egypt (although it was great to hear reports as to what the people were doing in those places to rid themselves of their putrid leader/government). It appears more violence via the riot police is starting to happen here in the U.S. It’s a disgrace what happened in Oakland and more recently in Portland. I hope those in power realize that when you use senseless brutality & force amongst peaceful protesters that it only further fuels the cause and the number of protesters multiply. I also like to commend those at Occupy Baltimore for crashing Karl Rove’s appearance at Johns Hopkins University. He is truly an asshole.

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