Monday Photo Blog: Old Timers Edition

August 22nd, 2011 by

I admit, I’ve been to my fair share of punk reunion shows, but it’s getting, um old. Too many. Too much focus on the past (this coming from someone who listens to far more music from the ’70s and earlier than current shit). And while I guess it’s cool some people are more or less sticking to their guns in terms of ideals and lifestyle, there’s just something unsettling about seeing certain 50- and 60-year-olds, well, acting like 20-year-old versions of themselves. There are ways to hang on to what you believe, keep the torch burning and generally age gracefully…and ways that make you come off like the Wavy Gravy of punks. There are a whole lotta Wavy Gravy type punks out there, not giving up the ghost, for better or worse. Not necessarily saying that about this batch of photos at, but seeing them triggers that reaction, you know?

That said, here are three shots sent by Logan Young of Viriginia of some old timers. BONUS shirtless Jello Biafra photo for you all!!! Thanks(?) Logan.

Dave Thomas (Pere Ubu) at the Neighborhood Theater, Charlotte, NC, 24 March 2008 (photo by Logan Young)

HR (Bad Brains) at Rock & Roll Hotel, Washington, DC, 2 May 2010 (photo by Logan Young)

Jello Biafra (and The Guantanamo School of Medicine) at the Black Cat, Washington, DC, 30 March 2010 (photo by Logan Young)

For my money, Dave Thomas is aging the most gracefully here. Next week we’ll have another round of photos shot in the DC area (by Corky Berlin), of new bands.

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5 responses to “Monday Photo Blog: Old Timers Edition”

23 08 2011
paul burnette (14:46:54) :

speaking of, i saw kevin seconds and the boys play in richmond saturday. somebody put video of the whole show on youtube titled 7 seconds best friends day 2011.

most of the music today sucks. punk was about as revolutionary a movement as they come. hard to keep excitement like that going year after year. and let’s face it…we don’t really need to. and couldn’t if we tried. it has to be truly genuine for it to be great. and that just isn’t where the scene is at these days.

gracefully greying and staying young until i die,

23 08 2011
D (16:22:20) :

Getting old is right,push off if you dont like it. Would you damn the Ramones for being old..

23 08 2011
Dk (18:39:14) :

Seeing these is like watching my great grandfadda doing the 23 Skidoo. Man, looks like there’s no more room for Jello. I’m kidding on both accounts. Pretty cool and interesting photos.

23 08 2011
DJ Jansen (18:57:39) :

Well, if they’re doing it because they love it, because they still feel 20-whatever inside, because the fire burns – why try to put it out? Why douse their fire with “Geez, yer fat ‘n wrinkly! get off the stage!”?
Granted, they wouldn’t listen to you anyways, but the negativity is much ickier than bald spots (or age spots).

Doing it for the cash? Then yeah, fuck ’em, but seriously, they gotta be like Blink 182 to get any good dough out of touring these days, esp. with border-crossings and all the crap associated with it all…

2 09 2011
MikeNobody (04:26:55) :

Jello Biafra and his Gargantuan School of Manboobs should keep his shirt on. Besides that, I think it’s great that the older punks are still out there rockin’! Old bluesmen don’t quit when they get older. So, why should rock & rollers? Although, it helps if you don’t write asinine shit like “hope I die before I get old.”

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