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April 13th, 2009 by

This is your correspondent with another report from the YouTube front…

Here we’ve got some footage from “Rokk Í Reykjavík,” the 1982 documentary on the Icelandic punk/post-punk/wave/etc. scene of the early ’80s. The band that plays after the Santa Claus dude in the sauna is Vonbrigði (“Disappointment”) with a jam reminiscent of Peter and the Test Tube Babies but more raw and garagy. I love the bass player’s weird hunched-over style and the front-row Vonbrigði superfan rocking out in a tie and a vest. If you keep watching the following videos, I’m pretty sure you can eventually see the whole rest of the documentary — it’s pretty long though, and covers a wide variety of musical styles. Most of the “well-known” Icelandic punk bands of era are featured, including the Björk-fronted Tappi Tíkarrass. The soundtrack was released as a double LP and later on CD.

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16 04 2009
thera (12:11:34) :

yes!!!!!!! the whole thing is up on youtube, and it is mainly really awesome. so many young babies!

1 05 2009
Ægir (07:48:58) :

Rokk Í Reykjavík was just released on DVD last year, such a great movie, great footage. But this song by Vonbrigði doesn’t really give the right image of the band, they were way more new wave.

I uploaded their album Kakófónía to mediafire, just download it here

great album, one of my fav


30 05 2009
Karl Bakla (10:06:52) :

I loved that only 4 people in the crowd looked like they were having fun I would have made a fifth

2 06 2009
Ægir (17:24:58) :

this video is also rad

Vonbrigði playing 6ý (sexy)

29 01 2011
Xavi (20:08:32) :

the “santa claus guy” is Sveinbjörn Beinteinsson

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