Introducing THE PiEOTS!!! ザ・パイオッツ

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THE PiEOTS are a Japanese punk rock band originally from Kumamoto, Kyushu Island, but currently based in Tokyo. The four-piece started out playing music heavily influenced by the Swankys, but soon began writing their own take on classic ’70s snotty punk rock. So far the band has released a single and an album, and been on a couple of compilations as well. The band continues to play regularly in Tokyo, and has played with bands like Star Club, Cobra, La’Alts, Theノーフューチャーズ, The Slowmotions and others. Here, MRR’s Tony Gunnarsson catches up with the boys to see what’s up.


Hi, THE PiEOTS! Please introduce yourselves! Who are you and what do you do?
We are a band of Japan and the name is “THE PiEOTS.” It can be read “paiottsu” in Japanese. Our concept is ’70s PUNK. As it were NEO ’70s style.

What bands are you influenced by? Japanese and overseas?! New and old bands??!
Many tools effect our group, but Ebisu Mascats is most. Ebisu Mascats is a group of Japanese porn video actresses. They are not so famous all over the world and have broken up already, but style and sound are fantastic!

What does THE PiEOTS mean? What is a “pieot”?
This is that mean “boobs” in Japanese. It’s kind of Japanese slang.

At the beginning when THE PiEOTS started you played music copying the Swankys? Why did you stop??
We were copying The Swankys indeed, but copy is just a copy. No one cannot be greater than the original.

Why did you move from Kyushu to Tokyo? To become big rock star? Did it work?
There are many reasons, and each member has different mindset, the biggest reason is there are many fucking boobs in Tokyo more than in the goddamn countryside.


Are you not too young to like the 1970s music and fashion?
We never thought like that. However, young people are changing rapidly because of Internet. They are not show respect to the past. They are looking at only the future. As it were, we are the latest old fashion.

What’s new with THE PiEOTS? What have you been doing this summer so far? Gigs?
We are preparing towards big action now. We will begin to move from this summer. Many events are already offered, so you should check our website!

What are the future plans for THE PiEOTS? Do you have any new records planned?
We are planning recording around autumn. It will release on early next year. Wait a moment as fuck yourself.

Thank you for this short interview! Please say something to the readers of Maximumrocknroll Magazine?!!
Look at a nearby boobs. Something changes your world. We hope there are people who feel newly from MRR.

THE PiEOTS have a website here and a page on a popular social networking page here.

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29 06 2013
Andy Madman (20:09:27) :

Comedic Fusion Pop. I’m not trying to be an idiot, but what is the point in being a serious punk or hippy? Everyone knows it’s a corporate and disrespectful to Fusion Pop and Rock ‘n’ Roll groups and artists.

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