Video of the Week: Husker Du on the Late Show with Joan Rivers, 1987

August 14th, 2010 by

Here’s one of the greatest punk bands ever, Hüsker Dü, appearing on network TV on what might have been the verge of stardom, if not for the fact that the mainstream would never really be ready for their brand of hard driving pop. And of course the punk scene (or MRR at least) had decided that they were no longer hard enough. For yours truly, however, Warehouse: Songs and Stories has always been a favorite, if maybe a guilty pleasure, and I think that this rendition of “Could You Be the One?” is phenomenal. No matter what you think of them in this period, this video is pretty fascinating…

4 responses to “Video of the Week: Husker Du on the Late Show with Joan Rivers, 1987”

15 08 2010
Mike Beer (14:18:36) :

I always thought all Husker Du was good. It may have gotten slower , but it still was good.

16 08 2010
FuseRed (00:11:17) :

great to see, thanks for sharing it here

17 08 2010
Chris (10:31:18) :

Saw them in Chicago, 1982, club COD, I was wearin my burgundy Member’s Only, and also asked them about the name. Bob said it was a good game.

20 08 2010
James Jay Cakes (22:09:36) :

Always loved, still do the Du. Good reminder that I always hated jOan Rivers.

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