Video of the Week: Night Birds

April 10th, 2012 by

Here’s a super fun video of New Jersey’s NIGHT BIRDS performing live on public access TV in NYC. There’s some great between-song action and whole lotta dancing! The band can be seen all over Canada and the us (including Hawaii!) over the next few months…see their tour dates here. And check out more of the Chris Gethard Show while you’re dorking around on the internet — it’s highly entertaining. And then get off of the internet and read the Night Birds interview in MRR #346!

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10 04 2012
Dk (19:18:09) :

“Girls don’t like being elbowed in the head”…ha ha I don’t think anybody likes being elbowed in the head. Cool vid, awesome band. P.S. Guy in the flannel shirt at 3:25 looks brutally familiar.

10 04 2012
adamc (22:06:40) :

Hey, I invited a punk band and their fans to play my TV show and then a punk show broke out…now Im all mad that that happened. Reminds me of people who go to the front of the stage then get bent out of shape at being bumped into.

13 04 2012
Paul (12:38:00) :

So what you’re saying is that a “punk show” = dudes bashing into each other and leaving no space for others to enjoy themselves. It’s always funny to me how dudes will get all bent out of shape when people ask them for a minor amount of recognition or space in a world that is controlled by and built for *men* to do whatever they please. Why so touchy? Is it because you know it’s true but can’t accept it? Try just having a little respect for other people. Most women would rather not confront dudes because of this very predictable knee-jerk reaction they get. So when women actually bother to say you’re bing a prick, it’s probably because you are.

13 04 2012
adamc (17:34:01) :

Paul, sometimes thats what happens at shows. Do I like being bashed into by over aggressive dancers? Not at all. Im older and uninsured and worry about someone taking out my knee. Do I expect everyone to participate at a show the same way I do? Not at all. Its a bit unrealistic and narrow minded to expect everyone to enjoy themselves in the exact same fashion as I do.

Should no one under 5’8″ be allowed to dance (not slam, just regular fun dancing) because I might get elbowed in the balls because Im 6’5″? Or do I observe the situation and make an educated estimation of what may happen when a shorter person is in front of me at a show where people are going to be dancing?

I’m not sure why youre bringing up a gender issue. My amusement was at the words being spoken, the gender of the individual speaking them doesnt matter to me. But I will agree people need to have a little more respect for others around them. Now if the people hosting the TV show had told everyone to not thrash and those kids still did that then theyre a bunch of dicks. Funny though how the meatheady hint of violence from the upset co-host (not sure who she was) is glazed over. Nothing like the threat of violence to drive home a point. Mongo doesnt like, Mongo will smash. Some things never change.

14 04 2012
brian (08:14:27) :

the audience was given no guidelines on how to act aside from “please be careful of the cameras” and if you were there it was clear people were being cautious of them, otherwise it was treated like a regular show. The girl that got elbowed was an accident. Chris Gethard has gone to shows for a long time and knew what to expect, and we all thought it was fun as hell. Shannon, not being as familiar with punk shows, I guess took pretty regular actions of a punk show, aka “slam dancing”, a bit personally but it was fine. She said her piece and everyone cooled down, no big deal.. We all hung out and laughed afterwards.

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