Videos of the Week: Fuck Christmas!

December 24th, 2011 by

Holiday greetings, little children! Losta great punk rock Xmas songs and videos have been making the rounds over on that popular social networking site, so we though we’d compile some of the best ones here for some fun distraction this weekend. In more-or-less chronological order…


8 responses to “Videos of the Week: Fuck Christmas!”

24 12 2011
Kjelli (14:03:48) :

Dead Swingers: Julesang (X-mas song) from their first (and most likely their only lp), released only 30 years too late (2011).

24 12 2011
Kjelli (14:08:14) :

No X-mas without THE YOBS aka THE BOYS

24 12 2011
Chris (16:25:01) :

One of my favorite X-mas songs ever… MMR played this a whole bunch of years back (10?) and it has stuck with me ever since. Enj_Oi!

24 12 2011
Chris (16:45:20) :

Let me try this again… sorry! Hard Skin – Ding Dong Merrily Oi Oi [youtube

24 12 2011
xavi (17:13:18) :

Merry Crassmas by CRASS

25 12 2011
Soreazis (07:03:19) :

We know we have already spammed you on facebook with this one. But we are proud of it… So here it is once again. Merry fucking whatever it is…


27 12 2011
Kjelli (13:34:38) :

Not a punk rock song but a damn good garage rock tune
Plan 9 Merry Christmas:

27 12 2011
Kjelli (13:37:49) :

Wall of Voodoo: Shouldnt given him a gun for christmas

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