• Published May 14, 2009 By All Foreign Junk DX
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Ydinaseeton Pohjola— Euro-Ohjukset 7″ (Nightstick Justice Records)
Bleak, raw Finnish punk. The singer has no idea how to scream, so you can picture every time they play he spends the night afterwards coughing up blood while he chokes down some greasy bootleg vodka; and the guitar tone sounds like a horrible cheap digital pedal that tremors like a dirty CD in a couple of song pauses. All of these little disconcerting moments add to the impact of the music, and fortunately the song writing is inventive, though not experimental/weird enough that the entire thing sounds like a school project in rewriting the Havoc records reissue catalog. This sounds pretty unique and interesting, another great 7″ from the modern Finnish scene which has given me plenty of justification to never want to visit that country and experience the kinds of miseries that go into making this music.