Artist bios for MRR #383: the Comics and Art Issue!

  • Published March 1, 2015 By MRR
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MRR #383 is so jam-packed with comics and art that there was no room for all of the artists’ biographical information. So here we present, complete with links, the artists of the MRR special Comics and Art Issue!

You can also read Q&As with many of these artists by clicking here.

Abraham DÁ­az is a lonesome socially inept asshole who lives and probably will die in Mexico City. You can actually find his work on the internet at and

Alexander Heir was born in 1984 in New Jersey. He lives and works in Brooklyn, New York.

Andrew Scully is a cartoonist currently living in Portland, OR. He publishes Ratspike Comix with Snakebomb Comix. He just self-published his first full-length comic, Inhuman Condition. Read his comics at

Anna Haifisch

Anna Vo. APOC goofball. Draws and musics too. See and hear Vo’s work at,,,, and

Annie Mok makes solo and collaborative comics, illustrates, and writes for Rookie Mag. She sings in the pop groups See-Through Girls and Wolf Thistle. You can find her at or tweeting and Instagramming @HeyAnnieMok.

Ben Fordree lives in London, England. He is interested in punk music, tattoo history, and folk art. You can sometimes find his work on his Instagram @benfordree or

Chico Félix is a Brazilian artist, making comix and flyers that mix junk culture with urban life in a third world, punk rock, and Saturday morning cartoons, weird movies with bad life. He self-publishes in magazines and zines such as Vomitorama and GFNTV, and publishes in Prego, Godzilla, PORK, and Brazilian Mad Magazine, besides posters, flyers and record covers.

Christophe was born in 1984 and lives in Lyon, France. He manages NHDIYSTREC, a noisecore/harshnoise based DIY label. He is also involved in some noisecore and harshnoise bands and solo projects.


Diana Malatesta studied drawing since the end of high school. As such, she’s sure she will never find a job, she’s French. Like a naive conquest of her ability or a good excuse to stay locked up at home, she draws because otherwise she always wonders what she’s doing there. You can see everything that she’s not able to express with words here and here. Sometimes she does graphic design with love, so if something interests you, write her.

Dustin McChesney (or maybe Dusty Cadena) is a native son of Minneapolis. He stays inside all winter and makes art and music because he would go out of his mind with idleness if he didn’t. He has made countless zines, small runs usually, to hand out when his bands are on tour. He’s made some collaboration pieces recently, one with St. Louis’ Queen-Bee Ashley Hohman, and another with Jillian from Teenage Moods. He has done T-shirts for Slutriver and all the art for the bands he has been in.

Emma Maatman is an architecture school dropout from the Mennonite wilderness of central Pennsylvania. She graduated from MICA in 2011 with a degree in illustration and has been hiding out in Los Angeles ever since. She enjoys hoarding records, smoking cigarettes and the days she doesn’t have to go to work.

Emma Kohlmann (b. 1989, The Bronx, lives and works in Western Massachusetts) primarily works in watercolor and illustration. She has self-published many of her own zines, in addition to facilitating and collaborating with numerous artists in her community. See her work online at,, and on Instagram at meiow_mix.

Eugene Terry

Freak City is a French illustrator born in 1984.

Grimoire is an artist who lives on the East Coast of New Zealand. He uses pens and pencils to draw life’s unfortunates and other things that take his fancy. Grimoire is influenced by sci-fi, horror films and weird photos. You can find more of his work at

Heather Benjamin is originally from New Jersey, but has been living in Brooklyn for the past four years. She just moved up to Providence, Rhode Island, last year and is loving it up there. She has had a couple books of her work published in the last few years, and is currently working on a few other projects with different publishers as well as some new zines that she plans on putting out herself. Her place on the internet is

Héctor Sudor

Ivan Brun lives and works in Lyon, France.

Jack Hayden is a cartoonist and publisher living in Portland, OR. He runs the Snakebomb Comix distro outta his dog-infested bedroom.

Jeff Mahannah lives in Kalamazoo, MI, and plays drums in Legendary Wings, who has a new record coming out this year on Dirtnap called Do You See? His website is, where you can find all of the comics/posters/album covers that he’s worked on recently. He hopes to win a hot dog eating contest one day. His hero is Eater X Janus.

Jesus Mohamed Bertoyas was born in the suburbs in 1969. He started drawing as a kid, and started publishing experimental comics a bit later. He can’t stand most artists and ego-driven creators, so he developed a long-running anti-commercial/hilarious attitude. His work has been published by Le Dernier Cri, L’Association, and tons of other independent publishers, but also appeared in countless newspapers, fanzines and gig posters. He’s not able to feel the slightest bit of ambition, and still put out his own fanzines. Too punk to drunk!

Jim Shomo lives and works in Philadelphia, PA.

Juarma LÁ³pez is from Deifontes, Spain, and likes drawing.

Julien Dupont is living somewhere and working on something at any time. You can find his work on the web if you know how to use Google. Julien Dupont is not a professional biker.

Jyrki Nissinen is an cartoonist, collagist, poster drawing band member from Finland — the land where Hitler won.

Karissa Sakumoto lives in Portland, OR. She loves Pepsi-Cola and breaking the law. Prints and zines can be found through her online distro Rude Comics.

Laura PallMall

Lisa Czech is a cartoonist and visual artist from Montreal, Quebec, who makes comics about crust fund punks, feminist rage, and urban ennui. You can see her work at

Luca Retraite is 25 years old and lives in Strasbourg, France, splitting time between music and drawing.

Luiz Berger is from SÁ£o Paulo, Brazil. He graduated in graphic design, but works as an illustrator in his studio called Monga. Besides his professional illustrations, he makes comics only for the fun of it. He used to be part of the GibiGibi collective, but quit and started his own alternative comics publisher called Gordo Seboso at and

Luiz Gustavo Vargas is from Brazil, and lives in the city of Santo Antônio da Patrulha in southern Brazil, Rio Grande do Sul, near the capital, Porto Alegre. He plays bass in the band Ornitorrincos (Platypus), recently reviewed in MRR. He also makes many comics and illustrations for punk bands, album covers and books.

Łukasz Kowalczuk

Matt Crabe

Mar Estrama is from Barcelona. She plays in Las Otras and Res, and used to play in Crosta. Her illustrations center around representation, gender, identity, body issues, sexuality, and violence. You can check out her work at and you can also purchase her prints and zines at

Maren Karlson is an illustrator working and living in Berlin, Germany. Her interests include girls, jokes, ugliness, premium breakfast, negative feelings.

Mengzhu Fu hates writing earnest bios, but likes making art that challenges systems of oppressive power. Born in the PRC and raised in Tamaki Makaurau (Aotearoa/New Zealand), she is a 1.5-generation migrant, part of the Chinese diaspora. She wants to see more connections between the art/comic world and anti-capitalist, queer, anarcha-feminist, environmental, animal rights and decolonial resistance.

Nathan Ward is a cartoonist from Cleveland, OH. He has had comics published in Scene Magazine, Maximum Rocknroll, and Happiness Comix. His first full comic book, Fun-O-Planet, came out in the fall of 2014. He released the first issue of a Cleveland-based anthology music/comic zine called PUS in February 2015. He is currently working on a couple other comics. When not doing comic things, Nathan plays in punk bands and hangs out with his dogs.

Payton Lower is an Austin, TX-based illustrator and designer. His work can be seen at and pretty much everything is available for purchase in print or original form. He is always, always excited to work on projects with bands and labels…really anything to avoid the daily grind of laying out business cards for realtors in InDesign.

Pyotr Mulinov
Psymuline publishing

Robin Wiberg is from Sweden and has been into the punk scene since his early teens (25 years). He mostly draws stuff for punk bands and record labels. You can check out his stuff on Instagram under the name fear_my_nerves.

Ruben Dahlstrand lives in Malmö, Sweden, where his work sometimes can be found in an alternative comics anthology called Galago.

Rudy Loewe is a queer, non-binary, black artist who makes comics, zines and prints. They are interested in themes around gender, sexuality, race, disability and diaspora.

Sara AbruÁ±a lives in Brooklyn, New York, by way of Puerto Rico and Miami. Some of her work can be found at She also plays guitar in Ivy.


Shiva Addanki

Suzy X is a Florida-bred bruja living in New York. She’s authored zines such as Malcriada, Riot Grrrl Problems and The Mallgoth Chronicles, and volunteers at the Willie Mae Rock Camp for Girls. You can read her comics in Bitch Media and Rookie Mag.

Tara Bursey has done art for punk bands on and off for over a decade. Along with Ben Needham of School Jerks, she organized the art exhibition Fear of Punk//Fear of Art in Toronto in 2013. She lives in Hamilton, Ontario, and draws only when people ask her to. See her work at and

Teodoro HernÁ¡ndez was born in 1977 in a small town in the most underpopulated autonomous region in the Spanish State. After work he tries to dedicate as much time as he can to punk, anarchy, healthy food, sport, nature, family and friends.

Yecatl PeÁ±a lives and works in Mexico City.

Zoe Burke