MRR Comics & Art Issue Artist Q&A with Grimoire

  • Published March 20, 2015 By MRR
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This month’s MRR magazine is the Comics & Art Issue! Throughout March we are highlighting some of the participating artists right here on Today we hear from Grimoire from Napier, New Zealand.


What are your main publishing projects?
This year I published my first zine. Aside from that I have taken part in a bunch of group exhibitions and a solo show. I have done a few T-shirt and flyer designs this year, including a couple for Poison City Records in Melbourne (a great label!)

What are some of your artistic influences?
I have only recently been reading more comics and graphic novels but I really like Daniel Clowes, the Preacher series and Charles Burns.

Musical influences?
Morrissey, Killing Joke, Sisters of Mercy, the Smith Street Band, doom/sludge bands, D-beat and post-punk.

How would you describe your style of drawing?
Lowbrow, uneducated and sometimes grubby.

What other punk projects are you involved with?
I used to play in bands in Wellington and went to a lot of hardcore shows in my early twenties. I smashed my head open seeing Terror, Evil Priest and Tried For Treason one time. Now I’m too old and would rather stand at the back of the bar in relative safety.

What’s in the future for you as a cartoonist/artist?
More comics and more band work. I love working with bands I like who are on the same wavelength; it makes it much more fulfilling and easy to come out with something half-decent. I also want to eventually put together a children’s book.

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