MRR Comics & Art Issue Artist Q&A with Ruben Dahlstrand

  • Published March 26, 2015 By MRR
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This month’s MRR magazine is the Comics & Art Issue! Throughout March we are highlighting some of the participating artists right here on Today we hear from Ruben Dahlstrand from Malmö, Sweden.


What are the main things you’ve published, including comics, record covers, band shirts, anthologies, etc.?
For people outside of Sweden, a couple of my comics can be found in the comics anthology From The Shadow Of The Northern Lights Vol. 1 & 2 (Galago / Top Shelf). I’ve done some record covers in the past for bands like Svart Städhjälp (my own band), Bäddat För Trubbel and Headed For Disaster. Also did the cover for the MRR Halloween issue in 2013!

Who are some of your influences as far as art and comics?
I’ve always loved the North American and European alternative comics scenes. Artists who like to use really black ink on really white paper. Some big influences that everyone should check out are Julie Doucet, Max Andersson, Max Bardin and Mike Diana. Of course there are a ton of others worth mentioning both past and present, but these are a few artists who have stuck with me and always inspired me throughout my own drawing “career.”

Music influences?
Two bands that have truly influenced me in completely different ways, both in my drawing and life in general, are HÁ¥rda Tider (from Malmö) and Thin Lizzy. Otherwise, I will listen to anything as long as it “rocks”—for lack of a better word.

How would you describe your style of drawings?

What other punk projects are you involved with (bands, venues, record labels, etc.)?
I currently play drums in Svart Städhjälp and Urban Savage. That’s about it really. I try to go to a lot of shows and support the scene here in town in any way I can.

What’s in the future for you as a cartoonist/artist?
2015 I’m just going to draw as much as possible and get my stuff out there. Not the easiest thing to do while working a full time job, but just give me a lot of insanely black coffee and some ZZ Top records (preferably ’80s era) and I’ll be fine.

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