Blog of the Week: Borneo DIY Hardcore

Time to get out yer atlases, punks… In keeping with this week’s Southeast Asian theme, here’s a blog site dedicated to the current punk scene in, of all places, Borneo! The Borneo DIY Hardcore Punk site is mostly dedicated to promoting local shows, and is worth perusing for some rad flyer art, if nothing else. But what caught my attention was the blog’s mission statement, which is impressive and inspiring. Read on about the site, in its own words, while I watch this awesome looking documentary about Malaysia’s independence that I found here

This blog is established in the late 2008 with the intention to promote and facilitate the DIY Hardcore Punk (and any DIY music genre, really) in the continent of Borneo, split into three by political borders bordering Malaysia, Indonesia and Brunei. It is our hope that this blog would function as a platform, a bulletin and a means of communications for all the scenes and individuals spread in this part of the world.” Having said that, this blog is non-partisan and would like to communicate with all the bands out there, all over the world to communicate with us. It is a sort of method to claim our existence in the global punkosphere.

Please get in touch with us! We would like to host any bands out there on our couches or floors at our home! The fact remain that there has already been a strong DIY Hardcore Punk/anarchist/activist network that has already been established. Take this blog as an extension to share with other friends who are not fortunate enough to have such network, so that all of us could benefit from it.

This blog is a community-based blog. We welcome all sorts of contribution to make this blog happen. This blog is run by a crew of odd people doing all sorts of odd jobs with one thing in mind: to see a more fertile scene happening here. By the punks for the punks.

Leave a comment on any of the post, or email us at: should there be any inquiries, comments, feedback, notifications of gigs and events happening in Borneo.

No homophobic, sexist, racist, non-DIY stuffs, CDs, events, merchandises would be accommodated. I’m sorry but this is not the channel for those stuffs! Thank you.