Blog of the Week: DIY Irish Punk Archive

We’ve got a few kick-ass “Blog of the Week” posts in the works for you all, but while waiting for those to ripen I had to find something good to offer you this week… It’s nearly impossible to just google search for good punk shit these days, since a million lame poser piece of shit websites likes to call themselves “DIY”, “underground”, etc. So it was pretty lucky, I think, that a search for “punk out of print diy” popped this bad puppy to the top of the list.

It’s the DIY Irish Hardcore Punk Archive, and the name says it all. It’s an excellent, growing selection of great Irish punk from past to present. Unlike many other music download sites, this one actually makes a point not to post currently in-print music, so you can surf and download with a clean conscience. I was stoked to find music available from some of my old favorites like CIUNAS and NOT OUR WORLD. And I discovered an awesome new favorite in a 2009 demo by FAG ENABLERZ (I know, I couldn’t resist clicking that name to see what it was)…

Always a country for hilarious band names, why not check out DR. SHITFACE or PINK TURDS IN SPACE? Yes, they’re both great! And there’s even a zine section, which yours truly can hardly wait to dive into. Excellent site!