Blog of the Week: Double Cross

A friend of mine described this blog as looking like “sXe porn.” [Are you allowed to quote your own editor? —ed.] If, like me, you own probably a few too many Crucial Response records and a varsity jacket, this won’t put you off, but if that isn’t the case for you don’t let this stop you from checking out Double Cross.  As you might be able to guess from the first page, this started as something geared towards the ’88 youth crew end of punk, with in-depth coverage of this era by people who are still passionate about all things crucial and probably still have fades.  But since starting out it has expanding to cover a wide selection of hardcore bands with just as much passion and detail.

BOLD and a buch of stoked, sweaty dudes (a.k.a. "sXe porn")

The content varies from in-depth interviews with a vast array of bands (as you may guess, mainly of the Revelation/Wishing Well variety, but not just limited to that, as well as plenty of other old hardcore bands) which spread across several entries, recounting stories relating to old venues such as the Anthrax Club, reflections by various people on their favourite records, photographer features (including one of old Boston crew photos taken by Gail Rush), a tale of being the “minder” for HR of the BAD BRAINS for a weekend and a ton of other topics — a lot of which are relating to CHAIN OF STRENGTH, YOUTH OF TODAY, STRAIGHT AHEAD and DANZIG, all of which are good things in my book.

You can tell by reading that all the people involved are still excited and care about the music the cover and makes it great to read and an easy way to lose several hours at a time.