Blog of the Week: icoulddietomorrow

Our very own Robert Collins does the amazing punk cassette archive of Terminal Escape but on the other coast of the good ol’ USA Adam and Coleman of Katorga Works, along with friends Branden and Asa, keep a very up-to-date online record of the most scorching current sounds on their blog icoulddietomorrow. From LPs to demo tapes, they post, review, and plug for many solid bands. Like Terminal Escape, there is a MediaFire link for easy downloading and sharing. A part of me hates the internet for taking away the purity of searching for punk that one can hold in one’s hands, but a solid site like this is worth the ease and comfort. The site leans more toward the “mysterious guy hardcore” side, but from YADOKI to MERCHANDISE to NOMAD, there’s something posted for everyone. icoulddietomorrow was started in 2008 with Trey, Flynn, Zack, and Adam. When asked why they started it, Adam stated, “If I recall, we kinda just discovered music blogs and thought they were a neat idea and wanted to start our own.” What a solid DIY punk reason to start this blog and a solid DIY punk site!