Blog of the Week: Pressure’s On

Producing an excellent podcast — that perfect mix of new and old, of cohesive themes and surprising contrast pairings — is a rare art form. While most punk podcasters merely throw their favorite songs up in a jumble for friends, Ben Sizemore (nee Ben Econochrist) brings it to the next level, or the level after that. He has the benefit of a varied and sharp taste, and a music collection of old classics he’s collected over the years and new things he picked up at a show last week. In his weekly radio show, Pressure’s On, Ben gives the best of punk, artfully composed for your listening pleasure, with only a few interruptions for back-announcements, allowing you to catch your breath. In listening you might remember a record you have neglected to dust off and enjoy, or find something new you didn’t know had been calling your name.

The podcast link is HERE, but we recommend going to the site for the complete playlists and links to some other podcasts you might enjoy on PO’s parent site, Combat Music Radio.