Blog of the Week: Threadbared

We’re starting a new feature here on Blog of the Week, where we’ll share our favorite blog sites/posts from the DIY punk blogospshere. If you have suggestions for a Blog of the Week, send them to And now our inaugural post, from Layla…

Threadbared is a blog by former MRR shitworker Mimi Nguyen, that focuses on the politics of style and fashion from a feminist and academic perspective. It’s not really the focus of MRR, but this post struck me as something that would cross over, so to speak. I always argue that punk is an idea, and a possibility, a musical idea or sound rather than a specific look, but having been written off my whole life for not looking the part or wearing the acceptable “punk” clothes it’s clear not everyone is on the same page as me. Mimi outlines more of the history of punk as a specific subcultural style, but what you will probably be more interested in is the fact that this artifact pictured to the left, a guide to punk style from early ’80s LA, features a pre-Go-Go’s Belinda Carlisle, and what looks like Helen Killer?? Plus the zine/booklet is downloadable as a PDF… I saw something similar at a second hand book store: a guide to punk and skate slang and trends in SF from a slightly later era, by Jennifer Blowdryer, and I always regretted not buying it. I love subcultural ephemera….