Cassette of the Week! SAC Anthology 1999-2004 comp

  • Published March 30, 2012 By MRR
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Our Record of the Week this time around is a cassette! Duluth, MN’s own Mike Wilson provided this guest review in the current issue of Maximum Rocknroll magazine…

This is an easy one. Get this tape!! Great comp of all Sacramento, CA, bands from 1999-2004. Lots of classic stuff here. Sacramento has produced a specific breed of punk/pop/garage bands over the past 25 years or so that all somehow have a similar feel. This 24-song tape is a great representation of the “Sacramento sound” that we all know and love. I would say that the BANANAS are the band of this category that is the most well known. They have a fantastic song on here, an earlier song of theirs called “Mr. Octopus Is Dead.” Not every band sounds the same though—two bands stand out as being particularly different (PETS and the GYNAS), but all the tracks flow together really nicely. My personal favorites of this tape include the BANANAS, THE FOUR EYES, MILHOUSE USA (I forgot how good that band was! [I know! —ed.]), ROCK THE LIGHT, and HORNY MORMONS. But there is definitely no filler here—every band is at least good, if not great. This tape is by no means a definitive all time Sacramento comp (see SEWER TROUT, NAR, POUNDED CLOWN, LIZARDS, LOS HEUVOS, etc.), but it is a great start to one. (Pleasant Screams Cassettes)