chaos in tejas, version 2009

  • Published June 2, 2009 By Robert
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yes, the fest was fun. yes, Austin might be the best place on earth to spend a holiday weekend. and yes, JUDGEMENT, ANNIHILATION TIME, and BRUTAL KNIGHTS on a boat was (almost) as amazing as COCKSPARRER drunkenly uniting 1300 punks. but really, the highlight of the weekend might have been witnessed by only 9 people, and it was this brilliant performance:

Civilization’s Dying

and in case you need an image to go along with the performance, this is what she looked like as soon as the track was over:

Canadian Contingent



and moments after that she was passed out next to a bowl of fruit in Logan’s front yard with kiddie pool floaties still on her arms. so yeah, it was a good weekend.



a really good weekend.