Create to Destroy! Acid Sweat Lodge

  • Published April 9, 2014 By Amelia
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I’ve been following this website for years due to the aesthetic that its curators capture and their love of Lemmy, punk, motorcycles, beer, babes (all genders), long hair, the road, hooligans, metal, and debauchery. Being a long haired, motorcycle riding punk myself who hates cops and loves a good time, the Acid Sweat Lodge just really struck a cord, ya dig? A photo archive for all those that came post the MC5 and stagnated after the first few waves of punk and metal…keeping it old school in a strange world, here is the Acid Sweat Lodge…


What is the Acid Sweat Lodge?
The Acid Sweat Lodge is a lifestyle philosophy. An outsider research organization with a mandate to preserve and disseminate knowledge and culture. A.S.L. produces a wide range of public projects, including exhibits, speaker series, films, concerts and gatherings.

Where are its root’s located?
In drunken conversations, late night parties, trips to the woods, high times, and long trips down the highway.

How does “punk” fit into the aesthetic trip of the A.S.L. mission?
Fuck everyone else. Do it yourself. The mottos of the punk and scumbag generations, and the continuing focus of the Acid Sweat Lodge.


Where does A.S.L. find its images?
Darkened basements, old garages, dumpsters, derelict buildings, wilderness cabins, ditches beside the train tracks, your old man’s stash.

Who contribute’s to A.S.L.?
Contributions to A.S.L. are carefully considered by the committee for research and exploration. In addition to the official committee and full patch members, A.S.L. maintains a global network of associates consisting of various experts, artists, dope heads, teachers, healers, journeymen, creeps, weirdos, and free thinkers.

Why start a website?
There are many effective ways to transmit knowledge. The web is a convenient vehicle to convey messages to the masses. Merge with technology, remember the past, and embrace the future.

Tell us about your propaganda mailings.
The Acid Sweat Lodge works with academic, artistic and experimental experts to develop and present research into a wide range of topics. The journals pertaining to our research and findings are published and distributed worldwide for peer review and analysis multiple times throughout the year.


How can we best stay up to date with A.S.L.?
The Acid Sweat Lodge updates it research and communicates regularly through its various channels, websites and publications. Tune in and drop out.

How can we reach out and touch A.S.L.?
The Acid Sweat Lodge is always open to collaborations, new projects, and free exchange of ideas. Interested parties, and lifestyle dropouts are always encouraged to contact A.S.L. by any means necessary.

Is the answer in the question?
Ask me no questions and I will tell you no lies.

Any last words?
The life we live. The life we love. Live the dream.
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